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Finally settled down and started to zone in yesterday, hope you enjoy a few images from Acadia National Park!



Thanks for tagging along!!!




the pilgrim


P.S.  Really enjoying the X-T2, it is performing wonderfully and I’m really getting used to it!


All images with the 18-135, except the friend/guest,  in the Birch trees, 10-24.

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  1. Mike E says:

    absolutely beautiful!!!!

  2. david says:

    had not been back to your website for months but today did so. i was immediately reminded why i enjoy it so much. The pictures again demonstrate your gift in capturing creation and created things.

    God Bless


  3. David W. says:

    Wonderful use of color and monochrome.

  4. Doug Berg says:

    Great shots Bill. I love my 18 – 135 lens. Nice to see how you use it in your work.

  5. Enjoy the fall in Maine. Quite a bit has blown away here in the Smokies and water levels are down. Maybe you can do a rain dance! 🙂

  6. Just back from four days in the Smokies. Here’s your report. Color is still around but a lot has been blown off. Water levels are way down (opposite of the fantastic spring) which will limit water shots. That said, Meigs Falls can be framed with color although the flow is down. But for the traffic Cades Cove is still a good option. Three days in a row of good luck with sunrise at the Foothills Parkway. Third was too warm overnight for fog but the sky color was more like a sunset. Some possibilities on the Tremont Road but again, a lot was blown off and water levels down. Morton Overlook was good for sunset, as usual, but Saturday spent two hours in a traffic jam because of the returning traffic back to Gatlinburg. Sunday I took the Wears Valley Road from Townsend up to Pigeon Forge and shot down the bypass with no difficulty at all. There was some snow at Clingman’s Dome. Roaring Fork not so roaring. Some decent water shots across from The Sinks but for the traffic on the bridge. Laurel Falls is an option if the light is overcast.

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