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I’m very thankful to be able to give you guys an update on Wes!!!  This week he started his fourth round of chemo and met with his oncologist/cancer specialist and they reviewed his most recent scan and blood work.  Her response was, “I’m tickled pink!”  She told Wes that if you wrote the story of how you wanted this to go, his story would be better than what you would have written.  She encouraged him to stick with it and that he was well on his way to winning this battle!!!!!  I’m thrilled to share this with all of you because this is your victory too!  Your prayers, your care, your concerns, gifts, cards, emails of encouragement have all moved God’s heart and we give all the credit to Him!


Wes has two more rounds of chemo after this week, then he will rest for a couple of weeks before going to Markey Cancer Center in Lexington for a bone marrow transplant, that is the final step and it is to assure him that he is cancer free and his own blood can rebuild itself.  That will be toughest part of the battle but we believe we are heading for a great outcome!  Please continue your prayers and when we finally celebrate a final victory you’re going to be a big part of it!


I could never tell you how deeply I have been touched by all of your responses, Wes has been moved to tears on several occasions just knowing what an army has been praying for him.  Our family will never, ever be able to repay you for your joining us in this fight!


Wealth comes in many forms, but true wealth is friends and brothers and sister like you!


Jim and Sue


Now I have a giant additional request!!!!  My dear brother and sister Jim and Sue Haverstock are facing cancer themselves.  Sue has been diagnosed with and is being treated for cancer.  She has had three chemo rounds and is preparing for her fourth.  She is doing well, but, as all you all know, chemo is not an easy path and some days are better than others.  You will be heartened to know that their faith is strong and that they are going through this like the champions that they are, but please lift them in your prayers.  Pray for great progress for Sue, for strength to face the day to day fight and for Jim as he steadfastly supports her.  I know of no finer couple and they have been constantly in my prayers, please join me!!  Let’s win this battle together!!  My prayer is that God has this and we can rest in Him.


Blessings and thankfulness,


the pilgrim

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  1. Jim says:

    I am so glad I turned my puter on today……. Cheers and Tears… So glad to hear the update about Wes. I never had a doubt that a good result was coming. Continued prayers for Wes and his entire family as they continue the good fight. ( Wes you still probably have more hair than me….)
    It broke my heart to hear about Mrs. Sue, but as you mentioned they have a strong rock to anchor to and their faith will never wavier. If there is anything I can do, please, please let me know. We love you both.

    • admin says:

      Jim, you are one of the rocks of His Light and I know Jim and Sue will covet and appreciate your prayers and concerns! We are a family and we will all ride this road with them, together! This where we truly become Faithful Friends!!! Which was your idea!!!

  2. David Berry says:

    Thanks for sharing the good news regarding Wes ~ My family continues to pray for him as he is on the home stretch with his battle. We will also add Sue and Jim Haverstock to our prayers as well! Stay strong Sue ~ You and Jim will beat this as well ~ Keep the Faith!
    Blessing to all!
    Dave Berry

    • admin says:

      David thank you so much for all your acts of kindness, the great notes you sent for Wes and your prayer and support, you have been a faithful friend!

  3. Douglas Berg says:

    Thank you for the update on Wes. It sounds as though things are going well. An answer to prayers. Will continue to pray for Wes as he completes his chemo.

    Also will add the Haverstock’s to my prayer list. Many prayers can work GOD’s wonders.

    • admin says:

      I owe you an apology, when we got your package Wes was deeply touched and I wanted to call and thank ou but I could never get a number for you, I so appreciate your kindness and prayers!!!! He loved your efforts!

  4. Gary says:

    When I commented on your last blog post I don’t remember to ask about Wes. Glad to hear Wes is doing well. Will continue to pray for Wes as he continues his fight and will add Sue to those prayers. My best to you and your family.

  5. Gary says:

    When I commented on your last blog post I didnt remember to ask about Wes. Glad to hear Wes is doing well. Will continue to pray for Wes as he continues his fight and will add Sue to those prayers. My best to you and your family.

    • admin says:

      Thanks you Gary, we really appeciate your concern and prayers and thanks for adding Jim and Sue to your prayer time!

  6. Steve Hurst says:

    Praise the Lord, He is one Great Physician! We will also add Sue and Jim to the list for prayer. I met her at the Summit and she is a very gracious Lady.

  7. Mitch says:

    Awesome news! We’ll be praying for both families.

  8. Happy for you and your Son Bill. Deeply saddened for Sue. Jim is one of the finest men I have been fortunate enough to meet.
    I will add them both to my prayers.


    • admin says:

      You are certainly right about Jim, a true class act! Please do pray for Sue nad keep Wes in there too!!!

  9. David W. says:

    Your post has brought tears of joy and of sadness. The report on Wes is a joy and a blessing. On Jim and Sue, not so much. I’ll remember Jim and Sue in our prayers.

  10. Richard Browne says:

    Great news about Wes – thanks for keeping us updated! Terrible news about Sue – what a gracious and fun lady! I will remember Jim & Sue in my prayers, and with the Fortney Community praying for them, I know that Sue will come through this victorious!

  11. Jim in Bloomington says:

    Sue and I are uplifted and deeply moved this morning by all your love and prayers. This one is not going to be easy, but the path is sure and we are being led where He wants us to be. It is so much more easy to bear when we know you all are on the journey with us.

  12. Ron Longwell says:

    So very glad to hear the good news, Bill. Blessings to you and your family!

  13. Brad Mikel says:

    Our continual prayers are for Wes and your entire family, and we will add Sue and Jim to our regular Rosary intentions and our daily prayers.
    God bless you my friend.
    Jim and Sue; we met only for a brief time on ‘His Light’ to Palouse in June of 2013, but I remember you well and have followed you through Bill. God hold you up and give you strength and healing in this trying time. With his love and support, you WILL prevail.

  14. jack Graham says:

    I echo these comments and more—isn’t the power of prayer amazing—-let’s double and triple this power folks!–JG

  15. Mike E says:

    I read your post feeling elation for what is going on with Wes – that is such wonderful news. I will continue to pray for a continued recovery for Wes.

    However as I continued reading the post I was extremely sadden reading about Sue. Jim and and Sue are absolutely wonderful people and I will pray that things work out for her (and them).

  16. Carl says:

    The most powerful force on this earth is PRAYER. Hurricanes/tornadoes/wind may move us – but prayer moves God. There is a famous quote that plagues me many times a day –
    “God has already answered your prayer – He is waiting for you to pray it!”
    How often I have found myself in need (whether healing, finances, counseling, etc) – and then this phrase pops up in my mind. Prayer moves God – then God moves on our behalf!
    Our prayers have been and continue to be with Wes, Jim and Sue! We call on The Creator, Master Physician, Lord of Lords – to utterly, completely heal them through and because of the blood of Jesus!!!!!

  17. Rodney McKnight says:

    Sorry I’m late posting here….too much in life going on…but I am so happy to here this news!!
    Continuing prayers and adding Sue and Jim…


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