Time for another Great Smokies Summit!!!!

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I’ve gotten some emails asking if I think Novemebr 1-5 is a little late for fall color in the Smokies???  While no one can predict this far in advance, the past two years the best color was in early November, so based on that I think these are good dates!  I like it just after peak, when some leaves are still in the trees but a lot are on the rocks in the streams, maybe we will get just that!  Either way, as always, the fellowship will be great, lots of great new speakers and our usual family reunion atmosphere.  Hope I see you there!!!




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**** By-the-way:  My new Pre-Con on Master Photo Field Techniques is an all inclusive,  new program on how to prepare for a trip, research the area, scouting literature, using the internet to scout, then lots of new info on field tehniques (getting maximum sharpness, great color, and winning compostions) plus lots on gear and packing methods.

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  1. pastor Mike says:

    Hope at my schedule opens that I can attend the summit.

    • admin says:

      That would be great, if you do, I will take you to my favorite Bar B Q place inTownsend (Smokin’ Joe’s), my treat!!!!

  2. Rodney McKnight says:

    Hope I can attend. Excited to see Mandy Lea…I have been following her..just bought me a T@B trailer…not going full time like she has…but maybe someday…anyway she seems like a very interesting and good photographer…glad you are reaching out to new and upcoming photographers…


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