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I leave at O:Dark Thirty tomorrow for Portland, OR to Join Jack Graham, Dan  Bailey and Dan Westergren for the last Fujifilm Summit for 2017!   I took the summer;  half of June, all of July and August off to be with family.  During the 7 + month battle Wes has waged against his cancer, we have all altered our schedules to be available for anything we can do to help!!  Our family has really drawn even closer together and I think I will try to take all my summers off and be with Sherelene, my adult kids and grandchildren in the future!!!


The fall is and exciting mix of some of my favorite locations!  After I return from Portland, the next thing up is at the end of September, early October, the Grand Tetons with Jack, truly one of the most majestic national parks!  Then it’s off to Buffalo, NY to do a one day digital photography seminar for the Frontier Camera Club.  The nexty week I’m over to Akron, Ohio to meet Jack for his Amish and Northern Ohio Tour, always a lot of fun!  On the way home,, (driving to all those locations), I will stop by Liberty University to speak to Tim Issacson’s photography classes!


I get home just in 1time to make sure I’m still married and then it’s down to the Smokies for the Annual Nature Photography Summit!  The following week Jack joins me for our Fall Smokies Fujifilm Workshop!


I will enjoy the rest of November with my family and then head back to the Smokies for the last part of November and early December for the “Christmas in the Smokies” with our His Light Faithful Friends for a reunion and to get spiritually prepared for the holidays!


Then my winter break will last until the Great American Route 66 Tour Jack and I are doing in mid March!  Full details on next year’s schedule coming soon!!  You can see all the Bill and Jack schedule at  jackgrahamphoto.com


One new feature for next year, I will be offering “One on One” private teaching sessions, details coming on that too!!!!


Have a great fall!




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  1. Mike E says:

    Hey Bill … after reading this post it appears that you may have a free couple of days in there … still plenty of time to schedule something else 🙂

    I’m too old to keep up that kind of a hectic schedule so my hat’s off to you….

  2. Just got back from Portland. The drought is visible and the effects of wildfires as well. That’s not all bad because while water levels are down some of the waterfalls that were difficult to shoot because of spray are much more “dobable” now. On the flip side, there is a lot of trail damage making some hikes more challenging. The smoke has made some interesting color schemes as well. (The Pacific northwest got the Midwest weather all year this year and we got theirs!) A lot of this will be playing it by ear more so than at other times.

    • PointReyes says:

      Drought? More like the heat. 🙂

      Oregon Willamette Valley and Portland gets 9 months of wet weather and 3 months of dry weather. We were actually having a rather mild Summer until August. Then we got hit with very hot weather and low humidity so we basically dried up. Up until August I did not even use air conditioning. Today is the first day in September where finally the average temperature was reached. The past 7 seven days in this month have been miserably hot. I’m not sure how much of fall colors will be here this year. I am so done with this frustrating weather. AFAIK, next Monday is the last day of being in 90’s for this year. Should be in the 70’s at this time of the year with a hint of wet weather. Today and tomorrow I finally got a break from the heat. I hope the forecast for Monday and Tuesday is wrong because I do feel like I’m cracking just like the ground on my property. :p

      I’m relieved that at least the “Eclipse” day was nice weather.

  3. Wow…what a difference a day made. Wildfires threatening the Gorge. I think you may be doing a photojournalism shoot.

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