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Winter is tough, but graphic, our little 3″ snow was just enough to create contrast between the swing set and the ground, the border added to the grahics, or at least I think so!  I then drove down the road to photograph my church, Grace On The Hill, a Methodist church.  The sky started to have some color and I worked it for a while until my controller warned me that winds were getting to high, so I brought her back in for a landing.  I’ll keep trying!


On last one, coning back to land I caught this graphic sidewalk shot nd thought it was worth a shot.



If the winds die down, I may try more later, this is very addictive!!!




the pilgrim

4 Responses

  1. Joshua Boldt says:

    Lines are so great to find in snowy pictures. Have fun!

  2. Jerry Reece says:

    Loved the composition of the 3rd image. What a great abstract to get from a drone. Actually, enjoyed all of the images. Of course aerial photography is not a new thing for you. How do you like working from the ground as against from your ultra-lite.


  3. Lynn Rogers says:

    I’m glad you’re having so much fun with your drone.

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