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There’s a water park in Barbourville, KY where my wife works in a clinic one day per week, actually every other week.  I drove her to work this morning and it was 7 degrees, but I still had the DJI Mavic Pro in the back of my SUV.  I just couldn’t help it, I made a quick flight over the water park and found this water slide, snow covered with only the yellow showing through and patch of blue.  I pulled this as a small section from a 4K video frame.


Still having too much fun!




the pilgrim

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  1. David W. says:

    That is a nice shot. I like the near monochrome effect of the snow on the structures.

    At 7 degrees F, the drone is much more stable than I would be be with a DSLR camera.

  2. Steve Hurst says:

    That’s a “cool” shot. Pun intended but it is a great shot! What is your wind limitations for stable flight?

  3. Michael Early says:

    nicely done …. glad you are getting so much joy from this..

    • admin says:

      When I had to give up flying, (sold the last plane – knowing it probably was the last plane!) I really missed getting to shoot from that perspective. There were so many places I wanted to fly and shoot and never got around to them, now I can revisit some of those places except for National Parks and
      have another shot at it! Just realy enjoying that part a lot! v We got to get back to the range again!!!! Hope you and your family are doing well!

  4. Pastor Mike says:

    Greetings from Siberia in Missouri, it has been cold. I’ve also got a drone(DJI Mavic) check out my last trip.

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