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I am a huge user of Amazon, I’m even a Prime member!!!  I really like being able to find something I can’t find anywhere else, and have it in a couple days!  Fortunately I never bought one of these, if I had bought one, it would now be in the garbage, in pieces after I smashed it with repeated stomps under my best heavy boots.


Louder Crouder, an intenet vlogger got one and starting asking it questions.  When he asked who Mohammad was Alexa gave a long descriptive and rather glowing description of the prophet in historical context.  However, when Steve asked Alexa who Jesus Christ was she simply said, “a fictional character!”


Come to think of it, if I had bought one of these things I would have backed my SUV over it!  Disagreeing with someone in a civil manner is one thing, but the ultra left is rewriting history the way they “wish” it were!  Watch your back, we are enterilng a terrible time in our history in America, if you love your country you are now branded a dangerous nationalist!  Conservatives are now Nazis, give me a break!


Pray for America everyday, while we still have an America to pray for!!!!




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  1. This is sicker than you say, Bill. And Alexa is dumber than a box of rocks in both Islam and Christianity. The Quran specifically protects Jews and Christians as Peoples of the Book, the “Book” meaning revelations from God to Jews and Christians which gives them a spiritual connection to Islam.

    As such, Islam recognizes as prophets many of the figures revered by Jews and Christians, including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus. For Muslims, Muhammad is not a divine being. Instead he is a prophet through whom God delivered his message and an example of piety to emulate. Muhammad is not the equivalent of Jesus in the Islamic tradition, rather it is the Quran that occupies the same central position in Islam as Jesus does in Christianity.

    Muhammad is only mentioned four times in the Quran while Jesus, the son of Mary, is mentioned 25 times and Moses 136 times. The Quran dedicates a whole chapter to Mary, who is the only woman mentioned by name in the sacred text.

    The Islamic version of the Jesus story especially, is quite similar to the Christian version. Jesus is variously referred to as “Spirit from God, “Word from/of God”), “Prophet-Messenger of God,” and the “Messiah” who will come back on the Day of Judgment to destroy the Antichrist.

    Beginning with his birth, Muslims believe that Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary in a miraculous birth ordained by God. Naturally there are theological differences between Muslims and Christians regarding Jesus but there are far more similarities and for “Alexa” to trivialize Jesus isn’t just an affront to us Christians. You have every right to be upset and you aren’t alone.

  2. Scotty B says:

    Thanks, Dick…..and of course, you, Bill. Both have provided insights I had not known before.

    This morning’s post, and Dick’s reply, have been a blessing and a great way to start the day….a reminder that I need to give thanks to our Lord before I begin focusing on anything else.

  3. S. Design says:

    Why would you believe someone called Louder Crouder and create such a strong post against the amazon echo without verifying it? I have an amazon echo I enjoy it very much. I am not a theologian nor do I expect Alexa to be one. I AM A CHRISTIAN. When I ask Alexa who was Jesus Crist, alexa responds quote: ‘ Jesus also referred to as jesus of nazareth or jesus Crist, was a preacher and religious leader who is the central figure of Christianity. Cristians believe him to be the Son of God and the awaited Messiah Crist prophesied in the Old Testament”. I will not smash my unit over a response such as this. I also do not feel that this is a leftist answer. I had been following your blog for some time now hoping to someday meet you and perhaps take a workshop since I thought we had a lot in common and I enjoyed your blog. This is the first post for me and I hope you will consider this truthful information from a concerned fellow senior Kentuckian.

    • Joshua Boldt says:

      Crouder’s video was clear back from November and, at that time, before Amazon updated their algorithm, it was saying that Jesus was a fictional character or coming up with other odd answers. Crouder gave his raw, uncut footage from the video to the press to show that it was not fake and it was verified by multiple sources as real, and other people made videos of other odd answers that it was giving. The problem stems from Jesus being a very popular name all around the world and Amazon’s algorithm was picking up the definitions out of context. If you asked for more specific answers like who is “Christian Jesus” or “Jesus of the Bible” or “Jesus of Nazareth” it would quickly give the correct Wikipedia answer. Amazon quickly tuned their system to answer any question about “Jesus” coming from a predominantly Christian nation to give a generic Christian answer after the blow-back in November. In other words, if you try it now it won’t give the wrong answer.

    • admin says:

      Josuha got to my answwer before I could, it really did say that, they apparntly got a ton of flack and changed it. My point was their first answer was what that crowd actually thinks. Your response was in fact truthful, but the original message was also, and that’s enough to make me not a fan of them.
      But, thanks for straigthening out that issue!

  4. John Gompf says:

    I asked Alexa who is Jesus Christ and who is Mohammad and she came back with answers from Wikepedia. So she does not come back with Jesus Christ is a fictional character. Her basic answer is he was a teacher and profit and the center of Christianity. The answer for Mohammad was he was the creator of the Muslim religion with about the same length of information as for Jesus Christ,

  5. John Gompf says:

    I don’t have the Echo Dot, as you have pictured, I have the original Echo. Not sure that makes a difference. I agree with S. Design. ( He/She, stated more accurately than I)


  6. Gale Stoner says:

    When I want to know more about Jesus Christ, I’m not going to get my information from Wikipedia or the Quran or even ask Echo. I’m simply going to read the Bible to be reminded Jesus Christ was God who was made in the likeness of men. Philippians 2:7.

  7. Douglas Berg says:

    Interesting string of comments. NO, I don’t own one of those things, nor do I intend to get one. Siri is difficult enough to deal with.

  8. Jerry R says:

    You say pray for America. I address that statement.

    I personally believe that both the ultra conservative and the ultra liberal are both misguided. The correct path for me is taking the best of both and leaving behind the extremism of both sides. America, in my judgement will best survive when we find compromises that all can live with. Remember the guidance of our founders in the 1700’s – compromise – and it worked.

    In politics, I consider myself a moderate. Each extreme need to quit attacking the other and find the compromises.

    This holds true in a sense for religion as well as politics. Religion is a personal experience based on faith (assuming that certain things are correct). I personally believe that we need to accept the religious beliefs and emphases of others as valid beliefs for them. The “way” has many paths to choose among.

    Wish black & white would work, but gray – in between black & white – exists.


    • Dick Ginkowski says:

      I think there is an increasing gap between faith and, among other things, Religion, Inc. I believe God wants us to 1) believe and 2) act on our beliefs. Our various churches get hung up on various rules and rubrics but at the core is belief in God, the promise of resurrection and acting on our beliefs. When we do that we will find, as many have, that our differences are not as significant as our similarities. It is the devil that wants to divide us and keep us divided.

  9. OT: The photography world lost a friend today with the passing of Chuck Westfall of Canon USA. Chuck always spoke highly of you, Bill, and was known among us for taking and staying on the high road.

  10. wade says:

    This is an urban myth that was debunked from the outset. After the video was posted, by a person with a known political bias, many people tested it and got very different results. It seems it all originated by the one conservative comedian, and no one was able to replicate his claims.

    The Alexa algorithm simply answers questions like this by going to Wikipedia. It always has been this way. And since when did anyone take their faith from what Alexa says? It’s silly to even worry about that. I think Jesus is a bit more powerful than Alexa.

    But more importantly, I’ve said it before but since when is victimhood the way of a Christian? That wasn’t the way Jesus acted, or his disciples, or the early church, even though they really were persecuted.

    Can you imagine Jesus having gone around complaining “these Pharisees…they are so unfair to me! They twist my words and misrepresent me…I need to start a political movement and media channel to counter that. ”

    Just remember, there is an entire industry that makes money by getting Christians and conservatives constantly angered and imagining the worst conspiracies against them.

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