Route 66 Wrap-up

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Well, I just got home yesterday from a 5,000 mile plus trip with a great group of folks!!!  Jack and I had 14 friends and we toured Route 66 from Oklahoma City to Kingman, Arizona, and then went up to Chloride, Nelson Ghost Town and capped he trip off with a vist to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas!  The next morning Jack and most of 0ur attendees flew home and I drove all the way back to Corbin, KY!!!!


Wouldn’t have missed it for the world, what a great time!  Jack and I are already plananing two trips for next year!!!  This ws my fourth time on the Mother Road, and I had a ball again!   Thought I would share  few of the images from this trip!



I hope some of you will join us for next year’s adventures!!!!




the pilgrim

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  1. Michael Early says:

    Looks like fun. Glad you got home safely.

  2. Dick Ginkowski says:

    Glad you are back safe and sound. Began worrying when you fell off the grid!

    • admin says:

      I took a vacation from the blog for a few weeks, back in town and will be around a for few weeks, should get back to it!

  3. Jack Graham says:

    Sharing so much time driving with my best friend ( other than Linda and Roscoe of course!) was to me one of the great experiences of my life. I bet if someone recorded some of the conversations we’d both make some money! Love ya Bill… there is not greater man I know ( other then the BIG GUY of course!)…. see you in a few weeks in the Smoky’s!–Jack

    • admin says:

      I feel the same, it is always a lot of fun and inspiration to hang out with you and this trip was extra special! You’ve certainly made my retirement (Ha!) rewarding, love you man!

  4. David W. says:

    You had a wonderful trip. I’m glad you’re home safely.
    Thanks for sharing the images.

  5. Colleen Kent says:

    Bill, I’ve always considered you (and Galen Rowell) to be the ones who introduced me to my husband back in Feb. 1995, at a GAPW in Yosemite, which we were both attending from opposite ends of the state. Happily married now since Dec. 2000 and heading into the new life of retirement and time for more trips. Traveling & photographing Route 66 is on my bucket list and for us to attend next year with you would be so very special for us – an early 20th anniversary present for us. How do I get on your mailing list to be notified about this and future trips you’re doing?

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