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I just took delivery of my new Fujjifilm X-H1 on Tuesday of last week and shot it exclusively at the SmokiesWorkshop.  Now some thoughts.


Should you buy one?


Yes, IF, you shoot in low light and need to be able to handhold at very low shutter speeds.  To my shock I was able to get tack sharp images in shuter speeds as low as 1/2 second!!!!  First gave me low noise at speeds like 6400 and now this!  It’s a game changer!


Yes, IF, you shoot video and want the most capable video camera yet from Fujifilm, this is the one.


Yes, IF,  you have a need for a camera that is very, very, very quiet, I’ve never hear any one any quieter.


Not Necessarily, IF, you’re looking for more image quality than your X-T2 or X-PRO 2.  Same sensor, same processor, same wonderful quality but not better, except for the 5 stop IBIS.


No, IF, you want the smallest possible body.  It is not much larger and  heavier than the X-T2, but it is larger and heavier.  For me it is not a big deal, in fact I like the slightly increased heft and build quality, but, your milage may vary.



CONCLUSION:   The X-H1 is a tour de force, very well built, smooth as silk in operation and the same great image quality we’ve come to love from the other 24 mega pixel Fujifilm cameras.


So, should you buy one?  That’s up to you, but if you do, my prediction is, you’ll love it!




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  1. Mike Roberts says:

    Dang…..I’ve been resisting so far. You may have put me over the top

  2. Jack Graham says:

    One other thing to consider…… If you are a 100% tripod landscape shooter the XT-2 is fine. If you shoot anything moving.. handheld.. and need the high ISO/LOW noise component, you should think about the X-H1. Using the 100-400mm or the 50-140mm the battery pack will help balance the camera and lens.
    Also, Please don’t stop using your tripod. Tripods still make you all better photographers in a lot of ways. You can easily turn off the internal IS when on a tripod.
    The 16-55mm 2.8 is perhaps my go to lens. It has no IS. This lens with the X-H1 is amazing when I need to hand hold.—JG

  3. Bill Fortney says:

    All that is true, I agree!

  4. Point Reyes says:

    Since I already have the X-E2, X-T1, and X-Pro2, I decided to invest in stability for me to fully utilize these cameras instead of springing for the X-H1.

    I now have the Gitzo GT2531EX and I coupled it with a Arca-Swiss Monoball p0 head.

    Now I need to find a good bag for day hikes to carry this tripod along with the following:
    XF80 and both teleconverters
    EF-X500 flash
    X-Pro2 and X-T1
    and finally what I jokingly call my wildlife learning kit: Nikon D300s with a Nikkor 80-400 AF-D.

    Thus, three cameras each with a lens attached. Maybe when the X-H2 comes out I will finally know for sure if the XF100-400 would be worthwhile.

  5. Jim Goshorn says:

    For me, it seems like Fuji is headed in the direction of a DSLR appliance. I like having a camera that looks and feels like a traditional camera. My favorite Nikon was a FM and the X-T series is the closest thing I have found to that.

    All my zooms have OIS so internal is a little better but not enough to buy an H1.

    If I wanted another body, I’d get a X-T2. What can I say, I’m an old fart who likes it traditional 🙂

  6. Bill Fortney says:

    Nothing wrong with that, from a fellow “old F—!”

  7. Richard Browne says:

    I think I already covered this in another post, but I got the X-H1, in part, because it allowed me to get the 16-55 f/2.8 lens and feel comfortable using it – and I have been very, very satisfied. The results I got on the Route 66 trip are excellent – and, to emphasize again – handheld! I’ve used it briefly for handheld video, and I intend to do more of this. I can slap my X-T2 on a tripod and still be using the X-H1 handheld to take other shots or to do video. A real winner!

    And Mike Roberts: this is Bill’s “revenge” for the 18-135!

  8. Missed seeing you in the Smokies. Hope you had a great time!

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