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I purchaed a Fujifilm X-H1 so I don’t need two X-T2 bodies, so I’m selling my back-up body that has far less frames on it.  Why not keep the back-up? Because Fujifilm gave all X-Photogprahers a X-T2 with our names as the serial number, can’t part with that one, though I’ve shot it a lot, lot more!


Here is the deal, first email saying I want this camera gets it.


It is a Fujifilm X-T2 with low frames, like new it includes a thumb rest, battery drive (3- batteries), a Really Right Stuff custom L bracket, and a Peak Design strap connectors and a $ Elk skin Wapiti strap.


Amazon price for body and Vertical Battery Grip is $2,029.

Really Right Stuff L Bracket is $175.00

Elk Skin Wapiti strap and Pak design connectors $58.

Custon Thumb Rest  $59.


Total New Price:    $2,321.  My Firm Price  $1,200.

I take credit cards,


First email to gets it.




the pilgrim

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  1. Richard Browne says:

    Geez, Bill – I’ve got to give you some of my old gear to sell! You get results!

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