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I’ve spent another several hours watching coverage of the Texas school shooting. lots of reporters and “experts” wringing their hands and asking why, and no one will say it.  This is the truth no one wants to admit.


I will:


  1.  There is evil in the world and it drives people to do unspeakable acts of cruelty.  No sane person would do these kinds of things if they had a connection to a loving family, a knowlege that God loves them and friends that can encourage them.  When this happens, pure evil has taken over. We have walked away from faith in America and we are reaping the reward.  It was faith that gave us,  “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” tell me what’s wrong with that??!!  Would  anyone trying to live by that shoot someone?


2.  Anyone that plays hours of violent video games is suceptable to this kind of behavior.  Not every person that plays war games turns up becoming a murderer, but some do!  As a society we have to examine the dangers of this kind of mind altering recreation. We can’t devalue life.  Oh wait we have, millions of unborn lives murdered by abortion!


3.  We have to use more aggresive measures to protect our children while in school.  Metal detectors, protective guards and vigilent administrators and teachers that watch the behavior of possible problem kids.  The Parkland shooter has bee identified as a danger numersous times, but yet, he still commited his crimes.  Why and where did the system break down. We have to find out and fix it!!!!


4. Sadly gun control is not the answer, guns don’t kill people, people do. If we take away one method they, (the evil in society), will find another method. Carefully used, guns can help stop or reduce the deaths by mass shootings.  Yesterday an Indiana school guard shot a student before he had the chance to harm anyone.  You didn’t hear anything about that on the main stream media.  It doesn’t fit their naratve.


I am going to get a lot of hate responses on this one, but the truth hurts, those that agree, please chime in and add your part of the solution too!




the pilgrim

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  1. Ken Lutes says:

    I totally agree with you Bill. Most people just refuse to accept the real problem. It’s not guns or anything else they want to use. You must stop ask yourself why are our kids wanting to harm or kill others. I will bet that if you take a hard look at their circle of influence you will find the real problem.

  2. Bill
    You are spot on and I agree 100% with what you have said. We have driven God out of the Schools, Government, and homes. We live now in a society that has defined deviancy down to the point it is now acceptable. How can a nation founded on the principles that the USA was, condone the slaughter of millions of unborn children?
    I had a Psychology Professor say “When morals are high rules are unnecessary, but when morals are low rules are unenforceable.” If you take away people’s guns nothing stands between evil and us.
    I was in law enforcement for 12 years and always worked the late shifts. I never met any good kids. They were home studying or in bed. I only met the kids whose parents either didn’t care or were trying to be there friend.
    Thanks for having the strength to post this.

    • admin says:

      The road to recovery for America starts with God and integrity!

      • Mike E says:

        Bill, I agree with your post. And I agree that America needs to embrace God and follow His teachings. However I am not sure anymore that “the road to recovery for America STARTS with God and Integrity”. I have come to believe that the road to recover starts with the acceptance that there is a problem with what America is doing now — and I do not believe that America has reached that conclusion yet. I accept that the vast majority (if not all) of the folks that will read this do understand that we are living in evil times. However I feel that while a very large portion of America sees a few problems here and there that they are going to try to legislate away, that overall they are pleased with where things stand and (more importantly) are going. I don’t know if these (unfortunately) large number of people are all blind to the reality of the situation or our being duped by a smaller number of people who are truly evil and are seeking to destroy to humanity (and a belief and trust in God). At any rate I don’t see the collective us heading down the road to recovery until the collective us accepts that what is currently passing for an improved life experience is anything but. I guess I am afraid that until America hits rock bottom it will not accept that it needs to change. I just hope it is not too late to recover at that point in time. Meanwhile I will continue to focus on doing what I can to ensure my family and friends BELIEVE in our Lord and accept HIM as our savior and are trying to live our lives the way He intends.

  3. Ron says:

    I totally agree Bill.

    Israel had a huge problem with terrorism of their schools. Their schools were soft targets. Key word “were”. They got serious and hardened the targets. Terrorist attacks on schools in Israel is virtually nonexistent today.

    We have to do the same. Hareden the target, only 1 controlled point of entry with metal detectors and armed security. Aremed security patrols and arm teachers that are willing to do so. All other entrances must be exit only in case of fire. Armed teachers are another layer in case somebody does get by the single entry point with weapons.

    We need to do a better job of identifying people that represent potential threats before they can carry out an attack. In other words, layered defense.

    Last but not least, more people need to find God and Jesus. The founding fathers wrote extensively about crime and gun control. A person commits a crime in their heart and mind long before they act out. Knowing God and his son leads us down the right path, and also knowing that we will be held accountable to our acts someday, is a strong deterrent. The people that founded our country had this perspective. Everyone should read their writings on this subject.

  4. You are correct and we can pray that more people will see the light and follow the way. I agree that gun control is not “the” answer but it is one of the answers. The problem with the circular debate over this issue is that all sides have plausible arguments. But that is because of a lack of sound information and dialogue and extreme posturing. We cannot legislate away mass school shootings but we can reduce the intensity of these incidents with common-sense gun regulation that does not offend the Second Amendment as one of many approaches. If someone thinks you can pass a law and make the problem go away they are incredibly confused and misled but doing nothing is also not a viable option. We need to put everything on the table.

  5. admin says:

    I agree that we need to do all we can, excluding breaking our constitution.

    • I agree. People continue to bandy this about while the U.S. Supreme Court last fall declined to reverse Kolbe v. Hogan which upheld Maryland’s assault weapons law which found certain defined weaponry not intended for lawful civilian use and therefore excluded from the Second Amendment. The opinion recognizes that the prohibition would not necessarily prevent every mass shooting but it could slow down the shooter and allow more people an opportunity to survive. Very thoroughly written opinion that protects Second Amendment rights of lawful citizens to possess and use lawful weapons for protection, sport and sustenance.

  6. Douglas Berg says:

    Thank you Bill, for stating the obvious. It is more than just video games. Have you been to the movies or listened to popular music lately? We surround our culture with violent messages, and then expect everyone to exhibit moral and peaceful behavior.

  7. Mark Borchers says:

    I agree with all your comments. Also, I constantly wonder why some teenagers today are so savage? I think it is because parental influence is all but gone from their lives. For many families today, having both parents earning an income is a necessity, not a luxury. This means Mom is not there after school, often not until late and the kids are on their own. I don’t know the answer. I think going back to closing all businesses on Sundays would be a start. Then families would at least get one day a week to be together.

  8. Mark Borchers says:

    Also, I wonder how many of the kids that go bad are from single parent homes? A lot, I’ll bet. We absolutely have to get rid of divorce on demand. Sometimes divorce is the only way out of a bad situation, but too often it is nothing more than an avenue for a man to trade in the wife he once loved for a newer model.

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