Palouse Day One – Dave’s Truck Rescue!

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We met with our group of 12 students this morning and drove over to Sprague WA to shoot the old trucks at Dave’s Truck Rescue.   This has become a favorite annual event to kick off the Palouse workshop week.  It was bright and sunny, a pleasant day but not the best light for the old trucks, but we enjoyed them anyway!   Here are some of my favorites!




….and a couple of color for color sake shots!



…and you can’t say “no cigar” on this one!



All images with Fujifilm XH-1 and the Fujifilm 18-135 lens.




the pilgrim

2 Responses

  1. Jeff Martyka says:

    I was just standing at my desk listening to the gas company make a hole in my parking lot thinking I bet Bill and Jack are out in the Palouse today…

    Miss you guys. Hope you have some green this year and great light!

  2. Joshua Boldt says:

    absolutely wonderful. nothing better than old metal 🙂

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