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My readers are for the most part; male/female, straight, white people that adhere to some variety of faith.  That should make us a protected class since we seem to be, currenlty, under the most attack in the world today.  Now the question is “how do you react to the MAGA hat above?”  I would guess, with some preconceived notion, that most of you would say, yeah let’s get on with that!


A minority who come here would probably have a completely different reaction.  It is with you folks that I want to share.  This is not a confrontation, I repeat, THIS IS NOT A CONFRONTATION,  it is my attempt to explain what that hat means to most of us that you would take issue with.  I hope to show you that what you are hearing on the main stream media is not true and that you’re being mislead.  Let’s set the standard for this.  I know many people that are right leaning and left leaning, they are all good people, and they have sincere, strong beliefs about their positions.  Any person that is a member of the KKK, or the John Birch Society or that are rioting in the streets with ANTIFA or Black Lives Matter, or the Womenn’s March probably falls further to the right and left.  If you do not consider yourself that extreme, then don’t associate yourself with those groups!  This blog post is not aimed at any of you, I doubt you would listen or would hate me for excluding you!  Why am I excluding those people?  Those groups and the people that adhere to their behavior are not in any way making America better, they are hateful and destructive against civil discourse.  Now that we have settled that let me share with those willing to listen.


I know many people that would be proud to wear that hat and I want to tell you who they really are, which is counter to what you would here on CNN and MSNBC!  CNN was once a great news network, but they have now thrown in with the far left position on almost all issues.  It is very easy to see and research the thousands of examples of their out and out lying to the American public.  MSNBC has pretty much always been in that camp.


This is the truth about those of us constantly maligned by the left.


Opinions on minorities:  The people I know and I know many, do not see minorities any differently than you do!  They work with, go to church and school with and have many minorities as friends!  In spite of what you are being told we do not, nor does our President, want ot make “America White Again!”  I am deeply offended by that characterization.  Most of my friends are offended by it to.  I would advise any Democrats trying to solidify their base to stay away from that one,  it is not true and highly volatile!


Opinions on the LBGT community.  Most of the people I know are not interested in being gay, but they believe that people have to right to choose as they wish.  They believe that it is never right to abuse, or disadvantage someone because of their sexual orientation choses.  While we respect others rights to choose, we would not likely attend the gay parade to support them.  Allowing people to make their own decisions and supporting those decisions is two different things.  Support can translate to approval of the choice and I can only speak for myself on this one, I won’t do that.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a number of gay friends, men and women, and I like them very much, just not in that way.


Opinions on Socialism and Communism.  Some on the far, far left actually would like to end capitalism in America and replace it with Democratic Socialism or Communism.  Our opinion on that is it has never worked anywhere before, so why consider it for here.  It has had limited success in smaller countires, those with much smaller populations, but not in massive populations like the U.S.  Once you provide all everyone’s needs regardless or how hard they work, you change the dynamic of a society and innovation, and productiveness takes a bad fall!


Opinions on the 2nd Amendment.  Some on the left feel the only way to truly end gun violance is to eliminate the ownership of guns by the general population.  There is one major flaw with that thinking, with the countless millions of privately owned guns you would never be able to seize them all and those are legally owned guns!  The crinminal element of our society has very large stockpiles of un-registered guns, and you would never be able to even get a fraction of them back from criminals.  So think about this, if every legal gun owner in America willingly gave up their guns, and the criminals didn’t, who will protect you from them, then??!!  One other little thing, The 2nd Amendemnt gives us the right to own and bare arms, and that is a constitutionally guaranteed right.  One last thing the NRA (National Rifle Association) is constantly attacked when all we do is protect our constituional rights.  How many mass shootings or homicides have been committed by NRA members?  Look it up, you will be shocked! We’re not the bad guys!


Opinions on illegal immigration.    It is falsely claimed that people to the right are anti-immigrant.  FALSE, we are descendants of immigrants, actually, except for American Indians we all are!!!  This is the rights “real” view.  We have a wonderful country, so wonderful that people from all over the world want to come here and live in our great country. We used to have a immigration system that, in a orderly way, allowed people to apply to become a citzen.  If they could bring needed skills and contribute, if they wanted to be “an American”  learn our language and become a part of our family, we welcomed them and it took many years to finally become a citizen.  Many cried tears of joy when they were granted citizenship!


We now have floods of people simply invading our country illegally and demanding to stay, not learning our language, many despising our country, and many going on the welfare rolls.  Some states have decided to not only to welcome them but support them even offering free heathcare and education all the way through college.  Think about it, these people are here illegally, they did not go through the system set up by our country.  They demand to be made citizens and yet do not want to really be Americans.  How many of you are being provided welfare, healthcare and an education all on the Federal Government?  (Transltion: the taxpayers)


Here is the bottom line question that you cannot get any liberal to answer.  What is the limit we should set on allowing people into our country?  Is it one million per year, 10 million per year, limitlss open borders?   Another good question that needs to be answered.  If only 10 percent go on U.S. provided welfare system how many more people can we have on welfare in America before we collapse the economy.  Are you willing to pay up to 80% of your earnings to support people that are coming illegally and won’t or can’t find work?


We all feel terrible to see people in other countries suffering, but there is a limit to what we can do about it!


My point is simple, that’s my hat, and I truly want to make America Great Again.  I believe we need to live by our constitution and our laws and we need to be caring and supportive of each other, but not give the farm away, if we do, there will be no farm for you and I.


Think about it.




the pilgrim

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  1. Gale Stoner says:

    Don’t know what else can be said. With your position on each of the issues, you have hit the nail on the head. I think it’s great that the MAGA hat is adjustable and can be worn by anyone who wants to wear it.

  2. When POTUS stops hanging out with KKK leaders I’ll wear that hat. When he definitively denounces white supremist hate groups, I’ll wear the hat.

    I don’t want illegal immigrants flooding the borders either (I’m a naturalized US citizen) but I don’t think it’s OK to forceably separate children from their parents.

    And Bill, white people are the majority in every state in the Union. Even California.

    I think we want the same thing Bill. But the I can’t wear that hat because I see it as a symbol of the person who created that phrase. And that person, in my opinion, is a narcissist sociopathic human being.

    NOTE: I don’t wear Black Live Matter stuff either. I despise meaningless slogans.

    • admin says:

      Khurt, thanks for responding, please site for me a verfied source where President Trump or candidate Trump;
      Hung out with KKK leaders.

      Where Presdient Trump broke the law or did anyhting different than Obama regarding seperating children of illegal border crossers.

      Please site when and where he said “Make America White again.”

      We certainly agree on the last point.

  3. Jerry says:

    I am white, male, straight, grandchild of an immigrant, have higher education degrees and never been on welfare or any other public assistance. I basically agree with Khurt, POTUS does not appear to stand for the values you express.

    We need a reasonable left and a reasonable right in our political system that can honestly compromise and find solutions in or near the middle. Other than the far extremists both sides have something good to contribute. Let’s find a compromise that serves all of our citizens not just some. Let’s have a POTUS and a legislature and a judiciary that respects both sides of the issues and works to resolve them fairly rather than assume “the other side” is evil or wrong and just push an agenda.

    We seem to spend too much time blaming or demeaning and not enough time resolving.

    Jerry R

    • admin says:

      I agree resolutiion is the answer. I simply do not understand why you feel the President does not
      “appear to to stand for the values I express.” I need concrete examples not gleaned from sources that despise him.

  4. Donald Boys says:

    Let me first second the sentiment of Mr. Williams regarding the values of President Trump.

    My second point is regarding your blanket rejection of a news organization merely because it has a leftward lean. You may be right but I cannot tell, I no longer watch tv. Make criticism based on actual reporting – pointing out it faults (lies – as you say) when they occur, and explaining evidence supporting your conclusions. I expect both Fox and the channels you mention are all guilty of slanting the news. But we can only have real discussion when we base it upon actual evidence.

    I am not a gun owner but cannot find any reason one has a right to own a military style weapon that has the ability to kill 50 people in minutes. But that’s the limit of my gun rights thoughts. I certainly don’t want to take away anyones normal weapons, although it appears to many opposing guns to many is an all or nothing proposition. There must be an in-between. I certainly don’t want to see more needless deaths such as the recent Parkland shooting, but we all know that’s unlikely. It’s time the NRA was pro-active in promoting a solution to the current crisis – one which only occurs in the US. (Not permitting the federal government to study gun deaths seems counter productive.) There’s a problem in this country that affects us all.

    Finally, I hope I have offered discussion without maligning anyone. It is not my intent.

    • Joel says:

      The guns you mentioned have been around 1/2 a century at a minimum. I actually own one myself. It hasn’t killed a single person the 10 years I’ve had it. Fact is… when I was in highschool in the late ’70s most guys had a shotgun in their truck to go dove hunting straight from school. Never did I nor anyone I know even think about taking a gun in school… or even pointing an ’empty’ gun at another individual. Guns haven’t change. And as far a using one to kill 50 people. It would be easier to take over a plane with a box knife and fly it into a big building like World Trade Cent. Or drive a truck onto a crowded sidewalk like in NY earlier this year. Guns are not the issue… it’s society. It’s parents that didn’t bust their kids butts for being disrespectful and teach them better. How about we start with stopping the murder of 7-800,000 babies each year? I mean that’s about 2,200 daily… much bigger issue than someone that MIGHT kill 50 people with a military looking weapon. Switzerland has a higher gun ownership that US and their murder rate is nearly ZERO. In fact their males, at a certain age have to take a gun course. But in the USA, we can’t even figure out which bathroom to use much less know how to handle a firearm. Also, remember the 1st murder… yeah Cain killed Abel with a rock.

  5. admin says:

    I think you addressed your thoughts well. As to news organizations, I will work on an exhaustive list to prove that point, you deserve a good answer.

  6. admin says:

    Sorry you can double click those to see the article or video.

  7. Donald Boys says:

    I watched the first four. This seems like trivia compared to the big issues facing us. Today’s meeting with Putin is what we should be examining.

  8. Ken Lutes says:

    Bill I totally agree with everything you have pointed out. They are my thoughts and feelings also.

  9. Bill Fortney says:

    As are they for many!

  10. Scotty B says:


    I had the good fortune to hear the following from a friend of yours at an event over the weekend…

    “We try to take God out of our country…..out of our schools and out of our businesses….and then wonder why things are as they are.”
    –Ricky Skaggs

  11. Kevin Fitzsimons says:

    I find it interesting that people who call themselves “Christians” and Americans will stand by a president who has admitted that he “grabs women by the p___y”, has had affairs while married (and paid them off to stay silent), makes fun of handicapped reporters, has nothing bad to say about Putin, a murderer (actually praises him), yet hates and denigrates the security departments of the United States, is so dishonest he won’t release his taxes, has lied over 3,000 documented and verified times, calls countries with mostly poor, minority citizens “shit holes”, encourages rolling back laws that protect our environment (witness the smog and pollution and fires in our national parks), and dozens of other reasons that I could state. He is splitting the country instead of uniting it. HE is the one who admires dictators and wants to build walls. Jesus Christ would tear down walls and help people in need. Jesus would not side with those seeking gold and fortune at the expense of the needy. I love America as much as anyone, but we’re heading in a dangerous direction.

    • admin says:

      I agree, just the direction we are going is up for debate. I love America and I’m part of the newest resistance! I’m resisting killing babies, a government that spies on us and takes sides in elections,
      I’m against opening the borders and letting the enire world come in, and the support them through an already bloated welfare system. I’m for capitalism, not socialism or communism, I’m against asking my supporters to attack and harrass members of the opposing party in resteraunts, gas stations, and in department stores. I resisit enouragning people to be able to name their own gender regardless of what their biology says. I’m what’s called a conservative, you I guess, would call yourself a liberal, I’m more thant happy to disagree, but remain friends, shake on it and go forward. Just for the record, I do a great deal for the needy in my community, Compassion does not reside on only one side of the isle.

  12. I wasn’t quite sure what the proper response to this should be. Some people seem to automatically want to tar-and-feather the President at every turn and others offer knee-jerk defenses for what often is outrageous conduct. I try to look deeper — he isn’t wrong all the time and the noise he makes often obfuscates the good. But I kept going back to the hat and I thought of Ronald Reagan.

    A friend of mine at CNN had the duty of updating Reagan’s obituary. (The networks have the shell ready for when they may need to use it.) He asked me, knowing that I knew Reagan, what one sentence best described him. Without hesitation I said, “Whether you agreed with him or not, he made you feel good to be an American.” Ronald Reagan made us feel good to be Americans.

    In his 1984 state of the union address Reagan said, “How can we not believe in the greatness of America?” The eternal optimist that he was Ronald Reagan believed that America, even with its problems, *is* great and that our best days were yet to come. Reagan never felt the need to vow to make America great again. And his optimism and communication skills shined many times in ways many people may never know. He diffused many tense situations with good humor and class.

    Ronald Reagan’s management style was to hire very competent people and delegate. There was no revolving door.

    Ronald Reagan didn’t always get along with the press. He had quite the relationship with my colleague, Sam Donaldson, but he never took it to the gutter and the two actually respected each other.

    Reagan reached out to those who ordinarily might oppose him. The “Reagan Democrats” helped him get elected. To keep grounded he would go to the mail room, grab some letters and respond to them personally. (Obama would do this in later years as well but to a lesser extent.) He could, would and did work with adversaries, turning many into friends. It was hard not to like him because he liked people and loved America.

    Ronald Reagan exuded optimism and a belief in America and Americans. He would never dream of saying America needs to be great again.

    He made us feel good to be Americans. And I miss him.

  13. Bill Fortney says:

    I do too!
    With this response I’m closing this post, I think both sides have had the chance to express their incredibly different opinions, and I have a headache! Thanks Dick for closing this out with a modicum of reason!

    People, as always, are free to comment further, but I will not be reading them, or commenting, Enough feathers have already been ruffled, and that’s the last thing we need in America!

  14. Mark Borchers says:

    I agree with almost everything in the article. I have always believed that liberals and conservatives for the most part want the same things for our country: widespread prosperity, a safe country to live in, good schools, etc. We often disagree on how to accomplish these goals, but that’s ok.

    Regarding the LBGT community, I agree that individually people are people and I can get along with just about anybody. I do strongly oppose the militant LBGT agenda that wants to overturn traditional institutions and remake our society to suit THEIR wishes.

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