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At a workshop a couple of years ago, I shot this photo of a friend in Arches N.P.  I was amazed then and still am today.  This was the Fujifilm XF 100-400 zoom hand held at 1/15th of a second at an equivilent 600 mm!!!!!  You can see every thread, hand held!!!!!  That’s why I now no longer carry any of  their long zooms except this lens!


This lens is the equivilent of a 150-600mm krange zoom, and it also does remarkable close-ups, as well!!!



…..and with this essentially 1:1  (life-size) shot the working distance was almost a yard away!!!!!  Once again this was “hand-held”!


I rest my case!




the pilgrim

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  1. Jeff howe says:

    Are you still working with your drone?

  2. Dick Ginkowski says:

    Imagine what that would do with a 77mm Canon 500D on the front!

  3. Jeff howe says:

    Bill, what is the lens setting and working distance as I can’t get my lens with the 500D to focus at any distance. The filter works great with the 18-135mm, but I’ve never come up with a working combination using the 100-400mm. Thank you,

    • admin says:

      I’m about 36 inches from the penny, zoomed out to 400mm (600mm equiv.) and focusing very carefully, manually. It take careful movements,, but very close work always does!

  4. Jeff howe says:

    Thanks Bill.

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