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One thing about being a gun guy or gal is you will do a lot of trading.  You see something you always wanted, buy it and after a while you fall out of love with it and move it on for something different!  Carry guns are different, you don’t really take them to the gun range and shoot them a lot, but enough to be really good with them!  They are harder on your hand with their lighter weight, they often have pretty good recoil.  A carry gun is mostly for just in case situations.  Situations you pray will never happen!!


My carry/car gun for several years has been the Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm.  It is  good gun, very reliable, fairly compact, but I really hated the trigger.  I traded it for the gun above, the H&K VP9sk.  This is a bigger gun, heavier gun but with a great trigger, and not carries 2 more rounds, 10.  I may still get something very compact for t-shirt carry, but I love this pistol.


It’s hard to beat H&K quality.  This one is the LE variant, with night sights and  it came with 3 – 10 round magazines, two with the very comfortable pinky extensions.  I will try carrying it for a while and see how it goes.  At the range, in combat type firing, (one shot a second or faster), I was able to keep all shots in a 6″ area from 7 yards, 20 times.  Not sharpshooter territory, but perfectly adequate for close range emergency shooting.


I will keep you updated on how the H&K is doing for it’s intended purpose!




the pilgrim

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  1. Jerry Heitschmidt says:

    That’s a good looking pistol, Bill. I’ve favored the .380 caliber for most carry scenarios as the pistols are typically lighter and easier for me to conceal…but I am not very accurate beyond 7 yards with the little micro pistols. As with cameras, there is usually a tradeoff between size, ergonomics, and performance. Happy shooting!!

  2. Mike E says:

    H&K makes some great stuff. Nice looking pistol. And I think that is a nice shooting group with that time … congrats….

  3. Bill Fortney says:

    I want to get better, but in that kind of situation that size group would work, if placed properly!

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