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My dear buddy, John Gompf asked about the bokeh, so, here is a couple of examples. This is the 200mm f 2 at f 2, of a subject with distractions right behind it,  within inches,  a tough task and the 200mm f 2 makes the background buttery smooth.


By contrast this image below is the 100-400 shot wide open at f 4.5 still a nice images  but the background definitely inserts itself!



That is the difference!




the pilgrim

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  1. John Gompf says:

    Thanks, It is a good comparison. I doubt if I will ever own the 200 f2 as it is a lens/focal length that I don’t need for the type of photograph I do. If I were a portrait photographer, then it is something to consider. Keep up the good work.

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