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For 29 years I’ve had one constant companion as I’ve discovered America, Robert “Bob” Hitchman!  Well, Bob has not been on the palne or in the SUV with me, but his knowledge, experience and insight have guided me!  When I started the Great American Photography Weekend in 1990, my dream was to take people to all the great National Parks and nature locations across America and I had one problem, I hadn’t been to very many of them mysef!!!  How was I going to guide others???  Early on I read books and guides, talked to friends and went to new locations a few days early to find the right spots.  Then I discovered the greatest tool of all, Bob’s Photograph America Newletters!


Through out those early years Bob visted, scouted and studied many of the locations I wanted to ake students to and his guides were perfect for pre-scouting locations.  Bob was not only a sharp guy at scouting he was a amazing shooter himself so he truly understood about light, position, and the seasonal affect on each location.


Before I go any further, here is where to find out about his newsletters:


If  you do not have any or only a few of his great newsltters here is the way ot go!  He offers all his newsletter on a thumb drive.

Complete Collection of all Newsletters
(PDF files on a rewritable FLASH Drive with 2 GB Data Storage)
Over 1,800 pages of detailed directions to thousands of wonderful places to set up your tripod and photograph rain forests, desert slot canyons, autumn color, wildlife refuges, and landscapes across North America.

For $140. you will have all his newsleter with complete decriptions of 146 great shooting locations!



Just look at all the places you can have scouting reports on!



This is how I use them, I print out (they are PDF files) the pages for the locations I’m travleing to and study it on the plance or in transit.  When I arrive at my locatuions I have  a perfectly worked out plan to am and pm shooting loations and places to stay and eat! This is an invaluable way to make the very most of your trip and get better photographs!


If I was a nature, travel or Americana ashooter and I wanted a leg up when I traveled to new locations, this is the best $140. dollars I can imagine spending!!!  After you buy the thumb drive subscribe for all the new one’s Bob produces!!!!


…..and on top of all that Bob is a great guy!




the pilgrim



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  1. Ron says:

    Bill, you are absolutely correct. I have subscribed to Photograph America for many years. They are the best source for travel locations I’ve ever found. He has also gone back over time and updated many of the older “locations” with more current information on lodging and eating as they have changed. They are easy to follow and great planning tools.

  2. Scotty B says:

    Okay, I’ll come from the other side….thanks so much for opening our eyes to this resource….I ordered a few of the places I’ve been and will be going back to….and will probably eventually order the full set. I found the easy style of his writing to, as you said, be so much more than just a “go here and point your camera there” piece. Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.

  3. admin says:

    That’s why I’ here! (Quote: James Taylor)

  4. Jeff Martyka says:

    I’ve been using these a few years for research. Well worth it!

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