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The point of my experiment was to see if I could still choose a single focal length lens that would work for a situation and find it was:  (1) the right lens, and (2) it did work for the intended purpose!?


For the first three days in the UP I used mostly the 23mm f 1.4 and f 2, the 50mm f 2 and at the 90mm f 2, and for close up work the 60mm f 2.4 Macro (All Fujinon lenses).  I found that these focal length worked great for everything but distance shots which required either a 18-135 or the 100-400.  I did not use any of those zoom lenses until the fourth day.  Below is what I produced with the single focal length lenses.



Most of these images were made handheld, except the falls above, but the one below with the X-H1 was made at 1/2 second!!!!!!!  Still am shocked myself.



On the fourth day it became very windy and cold, and I switched to the 18-135 even for close up work.  Here are some of those images;



Conclusion:  It is good to use single focal length lenses to keep your distance, framing muscle memory loosened up!  The single focal length are easier to carry and I think a  tad sharper, but then the images from the 18-135 and 100-400 were tack sharp so there was nothing to complain about there!  In the future and next week in Acadia National Park, I expect to continue to mix both single focal length lenses and zoom lenses as the conditions allow.


One thing is for sure, Fujifilm is making some astounding glass and none of it let me down!


More to come…….




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  1. I love the colour in those images. Did you attach each lens before going into the field or change them on site? Did you encounter any issues with fogging or moisture?

  2. Beautiful photos Bill !! You still have the “Touch”,no matter what equipment is used!

  3. David W. says:

    Wonderful images. My favorite was the fourth until I looked at the fifth which was my favorite until I got to the waterfalls. They’re all fabulous.

    As for the long hand held waterfall image, with inspiration you can do many wonderful things with a camera (and with many other things) that you thought were beyond your ability.

  4. Jerry Esh says:

    They are all awesome images as usual, Bill. Love the fall color. The foggy ones towards the top reminded me of a wonderful morning we spent together at Cades Cove a few years back. Special memories for sure! Best of luck in Acadia.

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