The New X-T3 is it all they claim it is??!!

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The slick brochure for the New Fujifilm X-T3 says, “The New Standard in Mirrorless!”  A pretty robust claim.  Let’s see if this new body is all it is claimed to be!  Keep in mind that Panasonic has the GH5, Sony the A 7R III and Olympus the OM-DE – M1 Mark II, then how about the Nikon Z6 and Z7 or the Canon EOS-R.  There are others, but these are major players, so lets start here!


To make that claim the X-T3 would have to have class leading auto-focus, class leading video, class leading still image quality, professional build quality, weather resistant sealing.  Let’s add class leading frame rate, a generous selection of superlative lenses covering almost any possible need.  How about we throw in ease of operation,  intutive design and menus.  But can you get all of that and come in at less than the other competitors on price????


Let’s be clear, if you own any of the top models from all these manufacturers and you are not making exceptional images, it’s not the camera!!!!  This is not a review to determine if the X-T3 can outperform all the other cameras on this list as much as, is it the best all around one for you?


If you already own a Fujifilm camera prior to this model, the recommendation is simple. buy it!!!!  The X-T3 is better in every single way than any previous  Fujifilm X-Series camera. (Period)  The focusing is class leading, the video is right up there with the best competitors. For those that love it, the Fujifilm color is still considered the best in the industry, by those that love it, of course. If you are already invested in Fujifilm glass, you own the best you can get, so this is your ticket into the future.




Let’s say you shoot Canon or Nikon and already have good selection of their glass, if you are not affected by the weight of those lenses and are of an age that you don’t expect to be affected by that soon, the Nikon or Canon option may work well for you, though neither has the capabilities of the X-T3, but they are good first efforts for companies that are well behind the curve of mirrorless.  Remember the X-T3 is a third generation product, theirs are first generation!


It is my opinion that the Panasonic and Olympus offerings are disadvantaged by the 4:3 sensor.  While it performs admirably for many things it is not capable of low noise at the highest ISO settings. They represent good value with a pretty good lens selection, but would not be my first choice for available light work, which I do a great deal of.


The next statements I will make are based on my own personal opinion based on 50 years of photography experience and a great deal of knowledge about the mirrorless revolution.



Sony A 7 R III                      $2,800.

Canon R                                 $2,300.

Nikon Z6                                 $2,150.    (includes Nikon lens adapter.)

Panasonic GH5                      $1,700.

Olympus OM-D E-M1 II      $1,600.

Fujifilm X-T3                          $1,500.


So as I stated at the beginning the X-T3 would have to be class leading and come in at the lowest or near lowest price.  All these prices are from Amazon rounded off to the nearest $100.


So, after three generations of developement Fujifilm truly has produced a class leading product that is both technically and aesthetically leading the current mirrorless revolution.  For $1,500. you can own the best Fujifilm camera they have produced.  If you consider their extraordinary lens line, and world class Kaizen firmware upgrades and service, and the X-T3 does currently stand at the head of the class.


Tomorrow is another day, but today Fujifilm is the new stndard in mirrorless.




the pilgrim

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  1. Dennis Mook says:

    Bill, as a long time Fujifilm user such as yourself, I am in total agreement. In fact, I recently wrote as such:

    Now add in new features such as “Pre-Shot”, where the camera will buffer about 10 shots with a half-press of the shutter, no blackout in the electronic viewfinder, and there is no better camera value out there, bar none.

    Finally, the satisfaction one gets from using the X-T3 with those superb Fujinon lenses attached, and why would anyone want to spend more to get less?

    Happy New Year and May this next year bring you God’s Blessings and exceed your wishes in every way.

    • Bill Fortney says:

      Thanks Dennis, I always enjoy the wisdom I glean from your writing and your wonderful work!
      I agree with your every point, I especially love the Fujifilm glass!
      Happy New Year to you as well, May God be with you and hopefully we’ll meet up in the field in 2019!

  2. Mike E says:

    Not to nitpick but I think there there is an error in your last line …. you said tomorrow is another day when actually tomorrow is another year! 🙂

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year Mr Fortney.

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