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Right after the new year I went into my Photoshop CS-6 app in the dock and double clicked it (Mac guy).  It times past the application simply opened and then I  went to work.  Now it takes me to the Creative Cloud Renewal sight.  I let my CC account lapse late last year.  I did not use CC and got tired of paying for the priviledge.  I bought CS-6 out right and own it, or at least I thought I did. Has anyone had this expereince or does anyone have a solution.  I want to keep my CS-6 not any of the CC apllications.


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  1. Jim Begley says:

    Uninstall both versions, including the Adobe Cloud apps that lurk in the background.
    Then restart your computer, run a good cleaner for Mc and reinstall your original CS6. If that doesn’t work, just call then and spend 2 hours with tech….. sorry

  2. admin says:

    Already tried the 2 hours with tech.

  3. Johnny Boyd says:

    Now that I finished processing my photos from Colorado and the Smokies, I plan to leave Adobe and move to On1 myself. I just wanted to complete everything in LR before moving.

  4. Anthony says:

    It’s too bad Adobe can’t be publicly condemned in an even more public arena than this for the pathetic/nonexistent customer service they provide. I’d love to see a CNN headline saying “Even a lifelong professional photographer, Nikon Pro Service Rep, and teacher of thousands of photographers cannot figure out how to make Adobe software work right.”
    I hope their ever-improving competitors take a big bite out of their business.

  5. David W. says:

    My Mac friends have given me essentially what Jim has already told you. Their message was “You do have to install and activate CS6 separately—from your disc. If you had the CC version of CS6, it won’t run. You probably also have to wipe out every trace of CC. There’s a Cleaner script? somewhere on their site (just google Cleaner for Adobe and you should get it.

    “Also be aware that upgrading to Mojave may be an issue with getting it running. At least, I’ve heard issues people have had. I haven’t followed all that closely. ”

    I wish I have better information for you.

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