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I love collaborations!  Domke and Fujifilm have teamed up to release a few camera bags celebrating the X-Series of cameras and lenses. When the X-H1 was released they offered a Domke F-803 Messenger bag with leather accents devoted to Fujifilm!  I missed the chance to get one but my fairy godmother at Fujifilm was able to locate one for me!  Thanks so much, my friend!!!!


My relationship with Domke goes all the way back to when Jim Domke, a former Philadelphia Enquirer photographer acquaintance of mine had a camera bag made for his needs.  Other photojournalists saw it and clamored for him to make them one too.  The rest is history, the Domke bags, (there are many models now), are treasured by working photojournalists across the globe.


This is a beautiful sand colored, waxed canvas bag that should hold up to long hard use. It will be perfect for trips that I don’t want to carry a lot of gear but “just enough”!  Strangely after all these years my most used lenses for this kind of trip are still my 18-55 and the 55-200, both compact, cover a great range and are tack, tack sharp.  I’ve added the 50mm f 2 Fujicron, (X-users slang, not an official Fujifilm term!) which has become one of my favorite compact lenses!  The X-T3 is, now,  my go to body and it is at the zenith of the X bodies!


The Domke bag has beautiful leather accents on the interior flaps and a leather I.D. holder plus a good sturdy, slip proof, strap the goes all the way around the bag! That’s the way all bags should be made!





Loaded up with the gear mentioned above plus 4 extra batteries, a charger, filters (polarizers & closeup diopters for the 50mm), and lens wipes weighs in at 8 lbs.  Just right for walking around!





This bag is still available on Amazon for $199. which, in my opinion, is a great deal for a bag of this quality and utility. I will be using this bag on my trip to Nashville for Southeastern Photojournalism Conference and to Old Car City for a X-T3 sample shoot!




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  1. Bill Fortney says:

    I discovered that the 27mm f 2.8 fits on the X-T3 body and still fits in the bag fine, so that got added to the kit! The 27mm is a very sharp, and Coventry little Les and only adde a couple ounces!,,

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    Should be “con Kent” and “Lens”

  3. Bill Fortney says:

    Dang it! “Convienent”

  4. Eric Wojtkun says:

    Bill…my X-T3 is resting comfortably in a Domke bag right now after shooting a 7 year old birthday party. Great bags…I enjoy finding them used…99% of the time they have plenty of life left in them. When you set up a photo shoot up here in Northern North Virginia where we live now…let us know. I would love to ride and shoot with you again.

  5. Can’t tell from Amazon or this write up if the bag has inserts/padding for lenses.

  6. Dick Ginkowski says:

    What’s a camera bag? Hardly used one since going mirrorless — routine stuff fits into my carryon!

    BUT–nice to see Bill that you’ve downsized to the bag of the EVERY OTHER MONTH club! 😀 😀

  7. Carl says:

    Ditto the bag! Mine came as a gift with the H1. My wife liked it so much, I had to buy her one. These bags have been our go to bags longer than any other (over a year now) – as I, too, “was” a member of the bag of the month club!!

    So for now, I have decided to keep the bag – and the wife!

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