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Corbin, Kentucky is becoming a great little community for downtown resteraunts and the most recent, Shep’s Place is a great bar food spot!  I tried their burger tonight and wow a 5 pickle burger done right!  Flat top grill, can be order medium, which I highly recommend, wonderful bun, Hellman’s mayonaise, American cheese.  This was a nice big, I’m guessing 1/2 pounder, burger.


The owner, Mark Shepperd has done it right.  My cook tonight was Jeff Adams, great job Jeff and our server was Gina Allen, a very good server indeed.  But it all comes back to that burger!  If you are in Corbin it’s right on Main Street.  Drop in and let them delight you too!!


5 Pickles!!!!!!




the pilgrim

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  1. Dick Ginkowski says:

    Harlan Sanders has to be spinning! 😀

    Side note: Have you tried the new Impossible Burger? They were giving out samples at JFK a few weeks ago and it’s the first non-meat burger I ever had that tastes, well, better than many beef burgers. Juicy, tasty and good texture. They are on the menu at White Castle.

  2. I said the same thing. It even has juice and bleeds.

  3. Ron says:

    Looks great Bill, you’re making me hungry!

    Got a question for you… I have an XT3 (love it) and one ultra fast UHS-II memory card. Do I really need cards that fast if I don’t shoot video? I haven’t tried using slower cards from my XT1, but I have heard using slower cards make the camera lock up.

    Any suggestions? Thanks and God bless.

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