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I’m pleased to announce a new series of workshops, The Master Class!  What is the Master Class and why now???


What:  For a long time I have wanted to create a new and unique form of a workshop.  An intimate gathering of  just 5 attendees and myself.  Highly personal, hands on work in the field and sharing in a classroom setting, not lectures, just a lot of image reviews and discussion about techniques and the asthetics to shooting and composing great images. The workshop would be limited to advanced intermediate to advanced photographers.  If I am not familiar with your work, a portfolio would have to be submitted for review, for acceptance into the class. All Master Classes would be a Wednesday night to Sunday morning in length and the fee would be $950.


Why:  This year, 2019, I am celebrating my 50th year as a serious photographer, many of those years as a working pro.  I’ve been a newspaper photojournalist, (during those years I was counted among a team of shooters to win a Pulitzer Prize),  AP rep, magazine photojournalist, medical photographer sports photographer, (Once the offficial photographer for the Washington Redskins NFL team).  I worked with Homeland Security and NASA on photographic projects and shuttle launches.  I’ve covered counless air shows including, Osh Kosh, Sun n’ Fun and many Reno Air Races.   I started and ran one of the most successful wsorkshop franchises in photography, The Great Ameircan Photography Weekends, His Light Workshops and now The Master Class.  I have been teaching with Jack Graham in his Jack Graham Photography Workshops series for the past 6 years, and will be again in 2019!  Early in my workshop career I taught with and became friends with the legends of our business; Art Wolfe, John Shaw, Bryan Peterson, the late Galen Rowell, the late John Netherton, Jim Brandenburg, Jim Sugar (both of National Geographic), George Lepp, David Middleton, Pat O’Hara, Rod Planck, Ken Jenkins, L.L.Rue Jr. and Sr. and many many more!  I was named a a Fellow by the prestigous North American Nature Photographer’s Association. I’ve written or produced 5 coffee table books three of which have been runaway best sellers, 12 eBooks and countless magazine articles in leading photography magzines.


 So, Why?  I’m ready to share all I’ve learned from all of these wonderful photographers and teachers and countless experiences!  I think I have a lot to share to help others reach their full potential as a photographer!


2019 Master Class Workshkops and Dates:



March 27th-31st  – Old Car City and the Southeast Train Museum  Americana Shooting.   Full details upon registration.


May 22nd to 25th  –  Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill Kentucky –  Historic Shaker Village, Kentucky Horse Farms.    Americana Shooting

Full details upon registration.


July 31st to August 3rd  –  Close-up school in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park – Cades Cove   Full detail upon registration.


December 4th to 8th  Christmas in the Great Smoky Mountains

Full details upon registration.


How to register:


Contact me by email:    or to express interest

or call me at:   (606)-528-6119



Thanks, and be blessed,


the pilgrim

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  1. David W. says:

    This is exciting. I’d like to go to these but I won’t be able to get the time off as I’ll be starting a new job in a few weeks before the first session. I’m certain the classes will be in great demand. My council to anyone thinking about the classes is “Sign Up Now!”

    I’m looking forward to the reports of the classes.

  2. Jerry Reece says:

    Bill, Set an email earlier to ask to be registered for your first three Master Classes. Hopefully I will meet your requirements to attend. Always learn from yours and Jack’s workshops.

    Jerry R

  3. Charles Lane says:

    I’m interested in the classes, all but the May class. I have a question about the fee. What does the fee cover?

    • admin says:

      All the teaching, field work and reviews. It does not cover your travel, lodging or meals.If you would liek to be considered, em ail me 15 of your favorite (best) images, jpeg 1200 on the long side! thanks for your interest!

    • admin says:

      If you shoot me an email address i will send you a registration form.

  4. Dick Ginkowski says:

    This is a wonderful initiative.

    And, to add to your list, the late, great Don Nelson and Hugh Morton.

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