Our 8th Anniversary! Fujifilm and I!

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In Octrober of 2011 I got my first Fujifilm camera, the X10.  I  had shoulder surgery and was  having a really difficult time recovering.  I was an NPS rep for Nikon, approaching retirement in a year and half.  I was at Photo Plus in New York working the booth for Nikon and was looking all around the show for something small and light I could use until I recovered.  Nikon had the Nikon One system, but honestly, though it sold well, I just was not enthusiastic about it.  I went to the Fujifilm booth and saw the newly released X10!  It was perfect, very small, very solidly built, it felt like a Leica and had manaul controls and a very sharp and fast zoom lens that coverd a very respectable range.  I was sold and ordered one from B&H while at the show. I never intended to fall in love with it,  just have something small to use until I could get back to my full frame Nikon cameras.  The deal was done, and I never went back!


The X-E1 and X Pro 1 followed that with the first three interchangeable lenses the 60mm Macro, the 35mm f 1.4 and later the 18-55.  Then the 55-200 and well, the rest is history.  I’ve owned virtually every lens and body from the beginning!!!  X100, X-T1, XE-2, X-T2, XH-1, X-T3 and on and on!  I’ve owned and shot every lens in the XF line except the 18mm f 2.


Why Fujifilm?  Here are some of my favorite images through this 8 years!



Thousands and thousands of images and great memories, captured, because I had a camera with me, a camera that I love and will carry every day, everywhere!!


Enough said!




the pilgrim



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  1. Happy Anniversary. I am late to the Fuji X family, but I am satisfied with the platform.

  2. Carl says:

    You started me down the same road!!! I’ve owned every camera you mentioned and almost all of the lenses (not the 60 micro). Now that you have stepped up to the GFX 50R/GF lenses, I am a little jealous. I keep asking my wife, how soon can I follow? She said to let you wring it out – then “we” will consider it. So wring away my friend!!!
    So happy you introduced me to Fuji. Never been happier with a camera system! Love holding it, shooting it, looking at it output! So versatile! I was thinking just yesterday that I am probably not using 20% of what the camera is capable of performing – but oh, the 20%!!!!
    Happy Anniversary to us!!!

  3. Mike E says:

    Well, in spite of your conversion to the “little camera” I still think you are a great guy!! ….congrats (I guess). 🙂 😉 🙂

    Obviously tongue in cheek … I am very happy for you and that you have something that works so well for you … and by the way I think you would be just as great of a photographer with a pin-hole camera…..

  4. Mike Roberts says:

    I was kind of chuckling to myself when I saw you using some little Fuji camera at old car city in 2013. Little did I know that later, I too, would jump in with both feet. Thanks for the introduction! Is one of those photos of Jim Begley using a tripod? Not sure I’ve ever seen that….

  5. Bill Fortney says:

    Yes, it sure was! Jim actually was pretty disciplined, from time to time! Ha, just had to kid him!

  6. Jerry R says:

    Bill, thank you for introducing me to the Fuji X-T series in 2014 when I attended the first workshop with you. The info on your blog and your personal suggestions set well with me. And, my back thanks you too. Much rather lug around my current pair of X-T3’s than a pair of D800’s. See you at Old Car City Master Class later this month. Are you full up yet?

    I am probably late in figuring out this technique; but, I have traced my projected highway route to GA from TX (Who spells these out these days???) using the satellite close up 3D view with Google Map. Running up and down streets in little towns along the way virtually should save me a lot of time on physical wild goose side trips into small towns along the way. I am focusing on “detail” architecture and abstracts as I travel. Coming to basically on I-20, jumping off often, and from on US 82. Now if I can read my notes and my nav. system can find the spots….


  7. Richard Browne says:

    In May of 2014 I was getting ready to take a trip to England and I wanted to travel lighter than I could with my Canon gear. I’d been reading your blog for some time and decided I would give Fuji a try. I got the X-T1, the kit 18-55, the 14 f/2.8, and the 55-200. When I started looking at the shots I was taking with this gear I was hooked. Later that year I connected with you and Jack by going to your Acadia workshop. Thanks to you, I’m a happy, happy, happy Fuji user.

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