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I have a Master Class in Shaker Village this weekend and will leave Sudnay morning with Sherelene to visit family in Florida, my son Scott, his family, Catherine, Clint, Cassidy and Cade and Sherelene’s sisters.  I will return, hopefully ready to go, after a rest!  Thanks to all of  you that have been so gracious to, pray, call, write, and message me with your sympathy and well wishes, you are more supportive than you will ever know, only with you and my Lord have I gotten through this!  May God Bless and keep you!



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  1. David Wilson says:

    Have a safe and restful trip. With all the family, I think you’ll be busy quite a bit of the time. I don’t think you would have it any other way.

  2. Rodney McKnight says:

    Still with you and your family Bill…and always will be…

  3. Wayne Bennett Jr. says:

    Have a good rest with your family Bill. Still thinking about you and your family.

  4. Scotty B says:

    Adding my voice to the chorus of well-wishers, hope you can cherish each moment with your family and know that we, you’re “online family” are there in spirit, saying extra prayers that this time creates a special memory for everyone there.
    Enjoy every moment and we’ll be here when you get back.
    Scotty B.

  5. Don Hamilton Jr. says:

    Bill & Family, Our condolences from Linda and Myself. Bill, when we spoke last week, my heart sank. We were deeply sadden upon hearing of the passing of Wes, your son. I can’t imagine the loss of a son and the grieving you must be going thru buddy. Rest assured, Wes is in the house of the Lord and rejoicing with his eternal life now. No words or condolences can wash away your grief. Please remember folks are here, that luv ya buddy and care about the Fortney family. My prayer request is.. Father Almighty, be with the Fortney family as they move forward a day at a time. Grant them internal peace and continue to shine your mercy upon them. Bless them with feelings of celebration of life and dissolve their grief Lord.
    Amen, only the Lord Jesus Christ can mend broken hearts
    Luv ya Brotha

  6. Bill Fortney says:

    Your precious prayer is already being answered! Love you my brother!

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