FUJIFILM XF 16-80mm f/4 R OIS WR Lens

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For some time we have known that Fujifilm was going to release this lens, and now we know the release date, September!  The real question is where does this lens fit into 0ur camera systems?  Based on the early reviews of the prototype, it looks like it will be a stunner!  If, in fact, it is, then it opens some very interesting doors!


Let’s talk focal lengths.  24mm to 122mm is a near perfect range for 90% of general photography.  I can imagine carrying this lens, a much wider lens, say the 14mm f 2.8, and then the 100-400 to cover all the longer focal lengths.   I can’t imagine traveling with out the Fujifilm 80mm Macro f 2.8, so when knowing close-up work in on the menu, that will have to come along.  It sounds like the 16mm to 80mm will focus very close all the way down to .25 of life-size, so that might solve that issue for all but extreme close work!


The bottom line is that this new lens will be wonderful for those of us that are trying to pair down their kit.  I can’t wait!




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  1. Jerry Reece says:

    Yep, already pre-ordered mine from B&H. My 18-135 and 16 f/2.8 may start gathering a little more dust in the future. Poor 18-55 – may become a paper weight. My other Fuji lens shouldn’t be affected by this new addition.

    Jerry Reece

  2. Bill Fortney says:

    Good points, from a good shooter!

  3. Steve Kubik says:

    I like the specs I’ve seen on this lens, a lot. But, I really like extra reach of the 18-135 for travel. I just got back from Scotland and only took the 18-135 and the 10-24. Maybe I should consider letting the 10-24 (and maybe some others) go and get a fixed wide angle. When I reach for the 10-24, I am generally using it at the wider end. I do have the 100-400 but it’s such a heavy lens to consider when traveling. It’s great if I can work out of the car. I am struggling to figure out where I want to end up.

    We’ll have to catch up at the Acadia workshop, Bill. Be interested in what you and Jack might typically take on longer overseas trips.

  4. Paul Chance says:

    There seems to be a lot to like about this lens. If the IQ is sharper then the 18-55, then my 18-55 and 18-135 may go through separation anxiety as they won’t come with me on trips. Right now, I use the 18-135 a lot but restrict myself to about 80-90mm on the long end.

    Headed back to the UK in October and may just take the X100F (WCL/TCL) as this is a business trip and need to travel light. I guess having the choice of which camera and lenses to take is a first world issue. 🙂

  5. Tim Shirey says:

    Have you been able to compare the image quality between with the Fuji 18-55mm and the new 16-80mm? Similar or a step up?

    I work with a children’s ministry (CEF) and need to take photos in some dusty places of the world and already can see dust between the elements of the 18-55mm (beginning to show up in images!) so the weather sealing of the 16-80mm would be a nice upgrade! With an upcoming trip to Uganda this lens would be perfect and I wouldn’t need to grab my Fuji 55-200mm as much, especially when trying to react to groups of active children! The 16-80mm would cover 90% of my needs.
    I’m using the XT2 for my primary body but will be purchasing the XT3 in the coming weeks as I really need a backup body on these trips and would most likely just keep the 55-200mm mounted on the XT2.


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