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A little history of the pilgrim!  Many years ago I was the Master of Ceremony’s for the Southern Short Course on News Photography, the, then, largest gathering of news paper photojournalists in America, often with over 350 in attendance!  The photo above are some of the legends of the field;  top row Porter Binks, then of Sport Illustated, the pilgrim (not a legend), The late Bernie Boston, very famous photojournalist. Bottom row the late Dick Darcey, legendary sports shooter and forgive me I can’t remember his name but Nikon’s specialist to Government sales!  What an honor to have known and worked with these legendary folks!


the pilgrim

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  1. Michael Early says:

    I hate to be a “Downer” but that looks like it was many, many, many years ago 🙂

  2. David W says:

    That’s one fine group of fellows.

  3. Scotty B says:

    You continue to be humble about your achievements, which we all should be….but Wow! What a memory you must have of that occasion! Thanks for sharing it with us…shooters like these set the bar incredibly high, but it gives us a daily challenge to be better!

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