A great group on a great tour!

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A wonderful group of brothers and sisters! It eas a pleasure for Jim and I to lead this group on our adventure!



We had a fantastic time and found some truly graphic images!



I’m not a gifted wildlife shooter but who could resist this little guy I nicknamed “Fat Boy Slim!



One of the most patriotic locations we visited was Mount Rushmore.



The Badlands is a beautiful and vast opportunity for great image making!



Helicopter flys over the peaks of the Black Hills!


Hope you can join us in the future!!!




the pilgrim

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  1. admin says:

    Got an email asking abyout gear used:

    Group shot with X-H1 – 16-80
    Monochrome path X-H1 – 10-24
    Prairie Dog (Fat Boy Slim) X-H1 – 100-400 @ 400
    Mount Rushmore X-H1 – 50-140
    Badlands with nice sky X-H1 – 16-80
    Black Hills with Helicopter flyover X-H1 – 16-80

  2. admin says:

    Correction: the Monochrome path was with the 16-80 not the 10-24.

  3. Donna M. says:

    Thank you for showing me this beautiful countryside!

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