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As we come to the end of 2020 I had to give a shout out to some of my very favorite photography products of this year!  In fact I consider these “The Best Value for Your Dollar” products that you can buy.  Now if you are not a Fujifilm shooter, these products may be falling on deaf ears, but for less than $2,000. you could own all three!


Let me start with my newest drone the DJI Mini 2.  This is a very small less than 250 grams weight, that can nearly fit in your pocket.  In spite of it’s very small size it is fully featured, including; 4K video, fully stabilized, three axis gimbal, and in the Fly More Pack you get three batteries each good for almost a half hour of flight! A new controller makes flying this drone super easy and it also includes a three battery, charger!  For $599. this is one of the best drones I’ve flown and it makes spectacular video and stills, even shoots in Raw.  If all that was not enough it is super quiet!  Because of it’s small size it would easily fit in your camera bag!!  If you have been thinking about a drone, it’s time to go for it!!



My first flight I got a remaining all leaf covered tree and some lines in the field next to it, Can’t wait to find some interesting subjects in great light!!!!





Fujifilm has just released it’s new X-S10 which is shockingly full featured and very solidly built!  I am amazed that the Fujifilm engineers were able to pack the same 26 megapixel sensor from the X-T3 and X-T4 into this camera.  It has the same processor and 5 axis stabilization good for 6 stops of stabilization.  While the controls are different than on other Fujiflm bodies, after setting the control dials up it can behave almost identically to other bodies that you are most use to.  It’s tough magnesium body inspires confidence and it’s light weight make it a joy as a carry around camera.  The grip feels just like the X-H1, my favorite Fujifilm body!


The perfect combo for this new body, or for any of Fujfiilm’s camera bodies are two extrememly good lenses that are a perfect match for all the smaller Fujifilm boidies. I, and many others,  affectionaetly call them Fujicrons becasue they remind us so much of the excellent Leitz Summicrons of days gone by, compact, solidly built and of exceptional optical quality.  Only difference is the price these two guys are very affordable!  The 50mm f 2 goes for $449. and the 16mm f 2.8 for $399.  “Screaming Bargains”!!!!  I could live very happily with the X-S10 and these two lenses, O.K. maybe  the wonderful and now discounted 55-200 thrown in!  O.K. the 18-55 is a must too, and it you have the funds the 16-80 is even better!!!!!!!!!


Well. if you had extra funds lying around and was undecided on what to invest in, consider these suggestiions, I can assure you…. you would be thrilled with any and all of them!  Happy Thanksgiving!!!!





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  1. Dick Ginkowski says:

    S-X10 is a nonstarter due to the lack of a threaded cable release port.

    I just bought the X-T3 body of $999. While there are some nice things in the X-T4 the X-T3 is still a viable upgrade.

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