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Want to have some fun? ┬áRead Goldilocks and Three Bears to a bear cub, they’ll ┬álove it!!!

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  1. Richard Browne says:

    Of course, their momma will rip your face off….

    • admin says:

      Actually she was lying down asleep behind me, I don’t think she was as excited about the story as “Baby Bear” was! Shot at Grandfather mountain where the bears are virtually tame. The little ones are still wild little buggers, but safe.

  2. Handsome devil! … and you don’t look so bad yourself, Bill.

    • Bill Fortney says:

      He is a handsome devil, a real little devil , later, when holding him, (not a good idea), he bit me in the jaw!!!!! Not many wildlife shooters can say they have ben bitten by a bear!

  3. David W says:

    I think Mama Bear was an excellent judge of character and knew you would take care of her baby.

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