A great trip back in time!

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Yesterday I completed the task of reviewing over 56,000 slides, or 5,600 pages with 20 slides per page.  I trashed 198 lbs,, which is 39,600 images and kept 16,500 slides!  In the week it took to go through all these imagews I relived the first 40 years of my career and it was unbelievable!  I found a lot wonderful images from the past like the young Jack Graham above!!!!!



How about the wonderful image of a young Wesley and Catherine, how I miss him, and how much I love her!



How my beautiful bride gets better looking every year, and every year I wonder more and more how on earth I got her to marry me!?



I also found one of my favorite travel shots from a trip Sherelene and I did to Mexico some years ago!



This one goes way back, that’s my oldest son Scott, imthe red shiort,  playing in what someday would be our front yard as they were building our home in Corbin, where we have now lived for 42 years!



One of my fvorite photos of all time of Catherine holding our new puppy, B.J. named after singer B.J. Thomas, a dear friend of Sherelene’s mine!



Lastly a shot of Wes and I in the field together, God has blessed me with a wonderful life nand has prepared and promised an incredible next life for me too!  Thank you Lord!




the pilgrim



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  1. Mike Early says:

    Absolutely wonderful memories .. what a blessing!

    I’ve kept putting this task off but the types of images you found may convince me to tackle it.

    Stay frosty my friend…..

  2. David W says:

    Mike is right, these are wonderful memories. I also see stories in them that tell us more about the subject which is more than just the memory.

    You’re blessed to have some a wonderful family and memories.

  3. Brenda Keyser says:

    I love seeing all these images from the past especially those of family. For me, photography can be described as capturing history and being “in the moment” once again.

  4. Richard Browne says:

    I’d pay good money (or buy you your favorite burger) for a copy of the Jack Graham image!

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