The Young Days!

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My brother Homer came down yesterday and we sorted old family slides from years back and we found this one of he and I.  I guess I really was bitten with the photogaphy bug from the beginning!!!


I also found some old shots of me in my mid twenties when I met Sherelene and got my first camera, a Nikon, Nikkormat FTN.  This is of course pre-beard days!



Would love to be that young again, maybe!




the pilgrim


My memories of my Dad is that , to me, he looked like Tarzan, guess Iwas close to right!

This is my Dad, William Pelle Fortney my mother, Eloise, and Homer as a little guy!




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  1. A country poet wrote:
    “Life is a collection of memories….and like starlight, they go on forever.”
    Thanks for sharing some great memories with us.

  2. Richard Browne says:

    My goodness, that blonde looks amazing! And that young stud she’s standing with isn’t too bad either!

  3. David W says:

    These images represent the real magic of photography.

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