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Nothing goes un-noticed!  I mentioned on the blog, several days ago, that I was looking for a used Fujifilm X-Pro 2.  I found one and it was essentially new, very little use and I got it at a good price!  The emails started rolling in and I thought I might share the answers with all of you!


From David W.  “I’m curious why you didn’t go for the new X-Pro 3?”


Fair question David.

The newer model, the X-Pro 3, is a fantastic camera and in most respects it is, as you would expect, an improvement over the X-Pro 2.  However the newer model had two features that I did not like as much and as it turns out they were deal breakers for me. First the newer optical viewfinder does not have a seperate lens that slides into place to magnify the view when using longer lenses.  I love shooting the 50mm f 2 and 56mm f 1.2, and that extra enlargement in the viewfinder makes it much better for my aging eyes!  Also the LCD panel on the newer X-Pro 3 folds down which I never got used to, it just was a pain to fold it down everytime I wanted to look at a resulting image.  I know those are small things, but they were big things in relationsnhip to how I work!


From Debbie S.   “Did you not want to take advatage of the new 26 mega pixel X Trans Sensor?


I have that sensor in my Fujifilm X100V and the new X-S10 and I like them a lot, but the small amount of added resolution did not offset the other two things I wanted in the previous answer.  To make a big difference in the final image you need to increase the mega pixels by at least one half or 50% more, even better to double them.


From Mike T.  “What are the current bodies in your systems?”


I have a pair of Fujifilm X-H1 bodies one with the battery grip and one without as my main nature/landscape bodies.  For travel, Americana and people I use the X100V and the new X-Pro 2 the most.  The X-S10 is fast becoming one of my favorite everything bodies, it is a steal for the cost, and very capable!  I still have the X10 and X30, but rarely use them now.


From Jessica W.  “Youtube is filled with videos about what different photographers consider their favorite Fujifilm lenses, would you share your 5 favorites?”


I’ll try, it’s hard because Fujifilm makes a lot of outstanding lenses, in fact I can’t think of a one I own that isn’t spectacular!  So here goes; My favorite wide angle lens is the 16mm f 1.4 (24mm eqjuiv.) second choice in that focal length is the 16mm f 2.8.  My “normal” lens is the 23mm f 1.4 (35mm equiv.)  I think t he 35mm  focal length is the most verstile for any use.  For longer telephoto work I love the 100-400 (150-600 equiv.)  For close-up or Macro work the 80mm f 2.8 Macro is the best Macro lens I’ve ever shot!  Picking the last lens is a tough order, but the lens I use a great deal on the X-Pro 2 for people and a slightly longer reach is the 50mm f 2 (75mm equiv.)  That leaves out a lot of lenses that I love, but if I had to live with only 5 these would be my picks!  Hope that helps!


P.S.  I love all the Fujicrons and use them a lot on the X-Pro 2  (16mm f 2.8 – 23mm

f 2 – 35mm f 2 and the 50mm f 2)




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  1. Thanks for the look into your thinking, Bill. I’ve shot an X-E3 for quite a while, but your comment about the extra magnifier with the X-Pro2 really caught my (like yours, aging) eyes! I shoot almost exclusively with the 35mm f2 but just picked up the 23mm and am looking forward to warm weather to wander some streets.

  2. Doug says:

    Bill: I’m about to pull the trigger on the 16-80mm Fuji. I’ve seen so many mixed reviews on the lens. Are you still happy with yours? Also, have you had a chance to shoot the new Fuji 70-300mm? I’m thinking that combo might be great for travel.

    • admin says:

      I have the 16-80 and love it, it is the best mid range zoom I’ve ever shot, my copy is spectacuar!
      Not tryed the 70-300 yet but Kirk Williamson has some great reviews of it, on Youtube, I turst his judgement and he seems to love it!

  3. Jerry Reece says:

    Bill, interesting to see your favorite lenses, but looking at this from another prospective, what lenses do you actually carry and use the most??


    • admin says:

      Depends on what I’m shooting, but those are very often in the mix. The Fujicrons are most used with my X-Pro2!

  4. Dick Ginkowski says:

    My everyday lens is the 18-135mm now on one X-T30 body. Far from the worst lens and not quite the greatest but it does well what it was designed to do: be an everyday zoom lens.

    The 100-400 is a killer sharp lens (with they had a 500 f/4 L equivalent). The 16-80 is a great sharp lens but I hardly use it. The 18-55 is an emergency spare. Ditto for the 55-200 now. The 80mm macro seems to be a better portrait lens than a macro at times. And the 10-24 has great promise but sits on an X-E3 body with little use.

    And there’s a new 70-300mm. I’m not entirely sure why I bought it but WOW. I just came back from the Smokies and did a “one trip, one lens” shoot to give it a workout. Water levels were very low but I’ve never seen so many healthy trillium! Between Foothills for sunrise, Morton Overlook for sunset and macro shots all over the place…wow! This is a much more versatile macro lens than I ever anticipated.

    All of this drivel leads up to this. I am now shooting two “everyday” lenses — the 18-135 on the X-T30 and the “on a lark” 70-300 on the X-T2 body I almost got rid of when I bought the X-T3. The 70-300mm shot Foothills sunrise, Morton Overlook sunsets and hundreds of macro shots without having to use diopters or extension tubes. I am seldom excited by a lens but this time…wow.

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