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I got inspired this morning!  I was looking at Youtube videos, something I do way too much, but, I found a review of the X-T5 and it was one of the most wonderfully produced videos I’ve seen in a while.  The information was spot on and the video work was very, very well done.  Don’t worry, I will link it below!


Anyway, the point of the video was this person got an X-T5 and, for two weeks, shot one image a day with one lens the 56mm f 1.2.  It reminded me of a great book Jim Brandenburg, celebrated national Geographic photographer and friend, did many years ago.  So I have decided to take the month of February, usually a very un-inspiring month around where I live to make images and make one image a day for the month!  I will use the new X-T5 and some one lens to be determined.  I’m leaning toward either the 18-55 f 2.8-4 or the 50mm f 2.  I will allow myself one close-up diopter so I can do some close-up images too. The self imposed rules will be.


1.   One frame per day, that is one shot only.

2,  I will allow myself to let the camera bracket three different film simulations for that one shot;  Velvia – Provia – Acros with a red filter.

3.  I will allow myself only a minimum of post processing, basically I want the images to be straight out of the camera, jpegs.

4.  I will keep the camera, tripod and close-up diopter with me all the time and only attempt a shot when I think I have what is worth my one frame per day.

5.  I will post that image, everyday, regardless of the success of the image.

6.  The pressure is on now!!!!!  ….and that’s a good thing, that is why I’m doing this, to force myself to get really serious again about looking, seeing, shooting and planning out my shots!



I hope you will join me everyday to see how it is going, I encourage you to post your thoughts to encourage me to stick with it!!!!!  Hold my feet to the fire!


The first image will be posted February 1st!

Here is the video that inspired this project:



Thanks for coming to my blog!





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  1. Rich H says:

    Look forward to seeing how this goes. When I got my XT5 I also got to 30mm macro and this seems to stay on the camera and them16-80 and 70-300 stay in the bag. Reading our last to posts brought a couple of things to my attention you are much better with the d7000 and d700 than I was I guess it was better lenses or practice. I might take up you idea and use the XT5 with the 30 mm and/or the 18-55 or x100v for a month and force myself to get out and take pictures even if it is -6 deg f.

    • Bill Fortney says:

      Man that’s cold! I have looked at the 30mm macro, but already have the 60mm Macro and the 80mm macro, so I’m still thinking on that one. I hope I can inspire you to do one of these projects yourself! If you do let me know where I can view the results!!!!

      • Rich H says:

        The 30mm reminds me of the Nikon 55mm I used with my fe2. I really do not have any place to post photos yet. The temperature is what you get for living at 7220 ft. When I lived in Lexington it did not get this cold how ever there was real black ice. Look forward to your journey in this project.

  2. Carl says:

    Well that is a super sales video for the X-T5!!! He choose my favorite lens – the 56/1.2 (although he had the super expensive APO version). I rate the 56 the best lens for the X-T series cameras for me personally – No razor blade is sharper!!

    The message is sure pushing one to go out and get a T5 if you don’t own one (I don’t)!!

  3. Pat says:

    Which Jim Brandenburg book are you referring to?

  4. I’m excited to follow this Bill! Your images are the best! What a great idea to shoot one a day. I’m going to learn a lot just looking at your journey of images.