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Ready or not, here we come! As announced recently I am going to do a  project attempting to make one image a day for the month of February.  Why?  Winter is pretty bleak around here but I need to challenge myself to get back in to shooting shape for Spring!  Inspired by a YouTube video and remembering Jim Brandenburg’s great book project of one shot a day encouraged me to give it a go.  I want it to be a good teaching opportunity for those of you that will follow the project.  So at the suggestion of my dear brother, Jim Haverstock, this is the plan.


The Plan:


  1. One shot a day. One Frame, no second chances!
  2. I will use the Fujifilm X-T5 as the body.
  3. I have decided to make this a teaching moment by selecting the right lens for the attempted shot each day, and then explain in the comments each day why that was the lens selected for this photographic opportunity!
  4. I will shoot jpeg fine images with only the most minimum of post processing and will share what I did to each image.  The point here is to try to get it right in the camera, something Jack Graham and I have taught our students for years.


  1. I will post each day after the image has been made.


We all need to challenge ourselves so that when that great opportunity presents itself we will be ready to make the most of it!  Pray that I can do that for the entire month of February, so that we all can learn together!  Good or bad, I promise to be transparent about the success or failure!


Wish me luck!




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  1. Rick Coleman says:

    Sounds like fun. Looking forward to your posts.