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Another of Corbin’s Hot Spots!  In 2014 some adventurous, potential restaurant owners decided to open a taproom in downtown Corbin.  They secured a spot at 207 South Main Street. As they started to prepare the space they decided to take down and old wall knowing the building was brick, thinking a brick wall would work great with the theme they had in mind for the taproom!  To their surprise when the old wall framing was removed they found a beautiful advertising painting graced the brick wall.  A Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum painting!  So they named the new enterprise The Wrigley Taproom  and Eatery!!!



In keeping with the project rules I did not shoot the interior images of the Wrigley, (remember one fame a day!), but I borrowed them from their website!  Now as clever as the name is and as cool as the throw back decor is, it would not have made it without great food, service and a wonderful variety of craft beers!  Fortunately, they nailed all of that in spades!  The Wrigley has become a favorite lunch, dinner and watering hole for the locals.  The wall sure didn’t hurt, providing a great name, but the rest is all because of what a great run spot this is!  If you’re ever in Corbin and want a great meal, and some cold craft beer, well….now you know the place to visit!  ….and yes they do have a 5 Pickle, Fortney approved, burger!  They have been featured in Time, Food & Wine, Forbes , The Food Network, and The Lane Report.


Photographic Post Mortem:  Shot handheld with the Fujifilm X-T5 and the XF 23mm f 2 WR R lens set at 1/50th of a second  @ f 4 and ISO 1600.  Because of the soft light coming through the street side window I had to even out the exposure with some careful dodging and burning, but that was it!  I love the little Fujicrons and the 23mm f 2, (a 35mm equivalent),  is perfect for lowlight assignments like this!


See you tomorrow and I hope you’re enjoying the journey, if you are….. you can meet me at the Wrigley for burger and fries!




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  1. love this project Bill. I get to see more of your work.