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I would call this shot an attempt at “Jay Maisel Lite”!  While out taking Chester for a ride, this morning, where he loves to stick his head out of the window, even at freezing temperatures, I saw this purple lock and had to give it a try!  Of course if Jay does this kind of shot usually his color interest is gang busters off the scale, and this is certainly, by comparison, subtle, to say the least.  it still struck me as an interesting color comparison with the greyed wood tones.  


Photography Post Mortem:  This was pretty simple, I rolled the window down, turned off the engine, after having pulled close to the doors, shot with a X-T5 and the 70-300 (around 200mm equiv.) at f 5 and 1/170th of a second – ISO 1600.  I just got the very bottom of my window sill in the bottom of the frame so I cropped that out. I was not perfect parallel to the door so the left side of the image was just a little soft.  A quick run through Topaz Sharpener AI fixed that with no problems. Lesson from this shot, I need to take more time on shots, several mistakes were dead obvious after I reviewed my one frame, if you are going to only shoot one, be careful, get it right, I promise to try to do better!  That’s why you do this, to get better!


I have a thing for locks so I have included a few of my past “Lock Shots” below, enjoy and have a great weekend, see you tomorrow.




So the greatest thing about this project is I  don’t know what will happen next!  Kinda fun!




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  1. Rodney McKnight says:

    I love this series Bill! I meant to get out today to shoot but found myself needing to get all my stuff out and regroup and find a way to participate. Trying to find a way to send in my photo…maybe via smug mug..will see..but loving this challenge. It has gotten me out of a several month long photo funk. Yet to see if I can rally but if I can’t find a way to show my daily photo, know that you have inspired me to get off my lazy winter butt and shoot. Will be using X-H1 until my new X-T5 comes in….thanks for the inspiration and teaching!