Favorite Photographers Week 2: Neil Powell

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I first met Neil Powell when he bought stock in the Great American Photography Weekends, I  soon learned he was a very good shooter and he has only gotten even better!  Neil shoots sports for Indiana University, though he is a professor in the Business School.  He’s also an accomplished wildlife photographer and generalist as well! Neil is one of our best friends, but that is not why I picked him, he’s just that good with a camera in his hands!  I’m blessed to call such great people friends and it’s a bonus that they are such wonderful artists!  Please enjoy his work!



I usually limit it to 5 images but his stuff is so good,  I wanted to share all of them!





the pilgrim

2 Responses

  1. Eric Wojtkun says:

    Thank Bill. Your friends inspire me to get the old camera out this weekend despite being so tired after a long week. This did it again…

  2. Bill+Fortney says:

    That’s a good thing, you’re a good shooter, gotta practice, our skills are perishable!