Favorite Photographers Week 2: Miles Smith

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I have really enjoyed sharing the images of these friends with you, I love letting others see the work that has inspired me, and hope it does the same for you!  Miles Smith is one of those photographers that I keep going back to, to be inspired myself.  Miles is so much more than a great shooter, he is a great brother and friend as well!  Our friendship goes back to the days of His Light Workshop when a band of photographers all came together to share our love for the Lord and photography and we had a lot of wonderful fellowship to boot!  When I first saw the image above I knew that Miles had something special, through the years his work has just gotten better and better, enjoy!



Please celebrate Miles’ vision along with me!





the pilgrim


2 Responses

  1. Wayne Bennett Jr says:

    Congrats Miles! Very nice images!

  2. Bill+Fortney says:

    Thanks Wayne, he deserves the praise! Hope all is well in Arkansas!