Celebrating one year of the chronicles

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It was just about this time one year ago that the Pilgrim’s Chronicles came to life. I was at the Reno Pylon Racing School with Scott Diussa and Bill Pekala and I was reading Scott Diussa’s great blog, www.scottdiussa.com . I mentioned that I thought it was great and I sure could love to do a blog, but didn’t even know what a blog was! Well, a year later you may think I never did find out…. Scott was kind enough to show me some of the ropes and it has been a lot of fun and one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done. I never dreamed that it would be an almost everyday affair.
Soon after I started the blog I felt a real calling to share my faith. Thankfully a number of you have come along for the ride, and many have shared that what God has to share, here, has been a blessing or, at least, thought provoking. It has been for me too.

At some point we all must decide how we will try to use our lives to benefit others. Honestly, I never dreamed that this would be one of the major things God would have me to do. Through out my life I’ve come up with lot of grand plans. After a little while I realize that simply waiting on Him makes a lot more sense. Before the blog blew up a little more than month ago, we’d had over 50,000
hits. Since we started back we are back up to 2,600. Numbers don’t mean a thing, people’s lives do. Jesus didn’t give his life so I could get hits on a blog. No, He gave His life so that we could
all have the life He intended for us to have.

Thanks for the past year, I pray that the coming year will be a time for us to all grow, learn, be inspired as we draw closer to Him.

From Boston,

the pilgrim

P.S. Scott is spending five weeks in South Africa for the major Soccer tournament in June and July.
Pray for his safety and success while he’s away from his family.

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