Preparing for Glacier

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I’m preparing for my first major national park workshop trip since retiring from Nikon, and I will be putting my two part, lighter systems to work!  Today I will go over the Fuji X system and later in the week the Nikon system.  Remember my goal was to reduce the in-the-field carry system to around 10 pounds.  The entire system below, excluding the tripod and mini tripod is 9 lbs!!!


 1.  Fuji X-E1 body.  16 mega-pixel, mirror-less camera.  With Really Right Stuff L Bracket and Grip set.


 2.   The standard zoom an 18-55 OIS f 2.8-f4  Remember the sensor is a APS-S size sensor making all lenses a 1.5 factor.  So it is a (27-82 equivalent.)


 3.  A 55-200 OIS f 3.5-4.8 zoom.  (80-300 equivalent)


 4.  The 60mm Macro lens f 2.4 (90mm equivalent)


5.  The 35mm f1.4 lens  (50mm equivalent)


6.  The 14mm f 2.8  (21mm equivalent)


7.  The Fuji X100s camera with a 35mm f2 equivalent lens.  With Really Right Stuff L Bracket and Grip set.


8.  Induro CT-214 carbon fiber tripod. 


9.  Think Tank Retrospective 5 bag (perfect for and extra few lenses and accessories)


10.   Pelican case with SDHC memory cards.


11.   Think Tank battery holders with 6 spare batteries for each body.


12.   Electronic release with built in intervalometer


13.   Really Right Stuff BH-40 ball head


14.   Kirk table top tripod with RRS BH-30 head.



This system allows maximum versatility while producing exceptional quality images.  All this in an easy to carry and use system!!


Next?  The high res D800 and it’s support system!!!





The pilgrim


Photo Note:  Image made with the D800 and 55mm Micro Nikkor


Guess what just went live!!    





8 Responses

  1. Pastor Mike says:

    I’m looking to get one of the Fuji camera’s. Like doing HDR landscapes, which would better for me. X-E1 or 100s???

    • admin says:

      That’s tough the X-E1 is more versatile with interchangable lenses, the X100s is sweet as a general carry anywhere camera, for landscape I’d lean to the X-E1!

  2. David Wilson says:

    It nice to see you have the Old Car City class available. You may have someone update your bio information.

  3. Jim Whittle says:

    I am leaving for Glacier on Sept 26-Oct 7… looking forward to your Nikon report.. and seeing the great shots. Old Car City is just down the road from me.. maybe we can cross paths… you should consider my backyard for a shoot.. The Great Smoky Mt National Park.. I know where all the bears live!

    • admin says:

      The Smokie sis my home park, and I have several events scheduled there next year!! Hope we can meet up!

  4. Wayne Bennett says:

    Just watched your videos of Old Car City and they are fantastic! A lot of good information, as always.

    My best,