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One of the great joys of being a workshop leader is the wonderful people you get to meet and become friends with!  Tom and Marianne Cherry Gaffuri are not only great people,  but talented shooters as well!  Very soon I will do another blog entry of their great work!  For this entry I wanted to share some images they did of my Golden Retriever,  Chester.  They both attended Jack’s and my Smokies fall workshop and I gently twisted their arms to come home with me after the workshop, it was “sort of” on the way home for them, and to photograph my great buddy!  They work as a team and Marianne is fantastic animal photographer, as these images will reveal.


I can’t tell you how much it meant to me to have them do this.  You folks that are dog lovers understand the bond that exists between you and your pets. Having seen their work, I really wanted to have Chester photographed by them.  It was one of my most treasured gifts to see these images!  I hope you enjoy them, and I can’t wait to share more their work!  Marianne shot all of these, and I will also share some of Tom’s work in the next blog!



This one, above, is destined to be a Christmas Card!!!!




…..and one of my favorites, a special moment between me and my boy!  Thank you again Marianne and Tom!






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It’s that time of year to off load my cameras that have been used the least, and make room for new ones.  I have three camera bodies for sale, they will be sold and shipped on a first come first served basis, all prices are firm and conditions are as stated.


ABOVE:  A Fujifilm XT-4 purchased earlier  this year, low frame count in Silver.  Mint condition, includes the box, manual and a Small Rig brand L Bracket with rubber textured hand grip. Factory battery and extra eye-cup.

Price: $1,000.


BELOW: A Fujifilm XS-10 Very low frame count, Black with L Bracket and two factory batteries, all Mint , rarely used.

Price: $800.



BELOW:  Fujifilm X-Pro 2   Mint Condition, low frame count with Rubber coated L Bracket grip.

Price:   $900.



If interested email me at:


Thanks and Blessings,


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During our UP workshop we visited one of our favorite locations but it was sunny day and the light was killing us!  This pine forest often has a few very colorful small softwood trees scattered among the pines and it is,  on a cloudy, overcast or foggy day a fantastic location.  On this day it was snot!!!!  looking at the shot above everyone was asking is there “Anything we can do?”  I suggested we all was around to the back side of the tree so that the tree trunks would all be back lit and the leaves of the red tree will be too!  The shot below was the result!



Much better!  And now some images of what you can get when the conditions are perfect, from previous trips to the UP!



All shoot within the past four years of trips to the UP!  Perfect light, perfect conditions and great subjects, can how can you loose!  It’s why we keep going back!




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I just returned from a week in the UOP of Michigan.  Jack Graham,  Rick Browne and I had a great time with 7 fantastic students.  When we arrived on Saturday before the event started Sunday night,  the color was disappointing, but in just two days it turned around fantastic!!!  Thanks for answered prayers!  Above, an aerial view shot witty DJI Air 2S drone.



When shooting an early morning at one of our favorite spots, a fisherman cruised through the frame trolling, he barely disturbed the still water and made for a great shot!



The UP around Munising is dotted with a  lot of small lakes that make perfect places too capture the fall color in the still waters!



Individual trees can make for a great subject scattered through the dense north woods of this region!  Above and below.




This was our fourth straight year to be in the UP at this exact time, all of them have been wonderful!  Hope you can join us next year!




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