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Absolute Mint Condition, Fujifilm X100V Black with Small Rig L Bracket, Two lens  hoods, square and vented round, deluxe folding thumb rest and Fujifilm WCL-X70 wide angle conversion lens makes the cameras lens a 25mm focal length.  Only selling because I bought a X-Pro-2 and ony need one rangefinder style body.  This package is a steal for $1,000.  First email gets it.  Retail over $1,700.



Mint condiiton, low frames, Fujifilm X-H1, with Fujifilm battery compartment, three Fujifilm batteries, custom L bracket and thumb rest.  $1,000. firm. Hard to find, killer camera, I already have another body!


Email me at  if interested.






the pilgrim

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It looks like we are finally going to get back out in the field to teach and shoot!!!!!  I  have been organizing my gear into bags for each kind of work I do.  The first bag above is my Travel and Americana bag. It contains:


A Fujifilm X-Pro 2 body

16mm f 2.8 lens  (24mm equiv.)

23mm f 2 lens  (35mm euiv.)

27mm f 2.8 lens  (40.5mm equiv.)

35mm f 2 lens  (52.5mm equiv.)

50mm f 2 lens  (75mm equiv.)



This Grab and Go small bag holds my Fujifilm X100V and the Fujifilm converion lens that makes that camera’s lens a 25mm equiv.  The X100V has a 23mm f 2 (35m equiv.) lens.



This is my Extra Lenses bag which holds mostly specialty and fast aperture lenses.


It contains:

8mm Fisheye Rokinon f 2.8

Fujifilm 14mm f 2.8 (21mm equiv.)

16mm f 1.4 (24mm equiv.)

23mm f 1.4 (35mm equiv.)

56mm f 1.3  (84mm equiv.)

60mm Mqcro f 2.5  (90mm equiv.)

90mm f 2  (135mm equiv.)

55-200 f 3.5-4.5  (82.5-300  equiv.)



Finally my Nature, Landscape and Air Travel General Assignment bag.


It contains:

Fujiflm X-H1 body

Fujifilm X-H1 body with battery compartment

10-24 f 4 Wide Angle zoom lens (15mm-36mm equiv.)

16-80 f 4   Mid Range zoom  (4mm-120mm equiv.)

80mm macro f 2.8 ;ens  (120mm equiv)

55-140 Telephoto zoom  (80-210 equiv,)

100-400 f 4.5-5.6 Long telephoto zoom lens  (150-600 equiv.)

TC-14 for 100-400 and the 80mm macro  extends the long zoom to 840mm


The assignment bag is a Think Tank Advantage Rolling bag, all other bags are Domke bags of various sizes.  Each bag also includes cleaning supplies, hex wrenches and spare batteries.


All images were shot with the Fujiflm X-S10 and the 18-55 lens. I plan to add this year a Fujiflm X-T4 to the system.




the Pilgrim


All lenses are Fujifilm XF Series lenses with the exception of the Rokinon fisheye lens.






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Pretty much says it all!!!!  Found this near Huntington, West Virginia.




the pilgrim

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I’m in the dash, so are you, if you’re reading this blog entry!  The dash is the space between our date of birth and our date of physical death. The total value of your life on earth is in that dash!  It’s what you do with that time you have been given by your Heavenly Father, between those two dates, the dash!


If you know Him and if you have given your life, your heart and your dedication to Him, He will be speaking to you!  The closer you draw to Him the more you two will talk!  Here is the key point, when He, through His Holy Spirit, speaks clearly to your heart and asks you to do something for Him, there is only one accetable answer, “Yes Father!”


I was reminded of that today in an email from a dear sweet brother.  He reminded me that though I’m getting older and often wonder if there is much more for me to do for Him, here, that my job is to listen for His voice and to still say, “Yes Father!”


Our Heavenly Father loves us so much that He gave His only Son for us, that through Him we might be forgiven from our sins and have eternal life!  His love for us is deeper and greater than we could ever understand!  He never asked us to be perfect, just to be His!  I’m not as fast as I once was, not as filled with energy, but my love for Him is deeper and stronger than when my body was young.


What I don’t have, He will provide, as I continue to say to Him, “Yes Father!”


I pray He is blessing you at this very moment!  I know He desires to!


the pilgrim


I plead with you, if you have not met Jesus, please introduce yourself to Him, He already knows you better than you know yourself, He is patiently waiting to hear from you!