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When manufacturers are constanty bringing out new models and we are buying them, why would you keep the older model it replaced?  Above are my current three most used cameras in the Fujifilm X Series (the only brand I own)!  Left to right; The new X-T3, the X-Pro 2, and the X-H1. Each of these camera sits at the top of their respective model line.  I also have my X-T2 and an original graphite X-T1, and a compact X-30.  Why did I keep those previous cameras?


(1)  They are still very usable for the kind of work I do.  Why sell something that can be and still is used.  If I go out and decide to work with the X-T3 as my main body, then the X-T2 is an almost identical back-up camera body.  Though the X-T3 has advances, the X-T2 is still a very capable back-up or extra body!.


(2)  Special uses.  I love the X-Pro 2 and I love to use it for personal travel, teamed up with the three Fujicrons, (23 f 2, 35 f 2, and 50 f 2) it is a great system for travel, light and the lens are tack sharp!  With the addition of a 16mm f 2.8 coming it also will cover a great range.  I  have been begging Fujifilm to make a 70mm f 2.5  (105mm f 2.5 equiv.!!!!) On a serious trip where you may need more reach the 55-200 fits this system very well, and is still light and very sharp!  Sometimes I also just love the optical viewfinder!


(3)  Used prices.  I just don’t have the heart to give a way a perfectly good camera body for sub $500.  I would rather give an older body to someone just starting out to help them get started.


(4)  Personal attachment.  The X-T2 that I have was a gift to  X-Photographers, with our last names as the serial number, kinda neat, and i can’t part with that!!!   My X-T1 Graphite was a gfit from a very dear friend at Fujifilm when I did a series of video interviews for Japan, at the corporate office. I still think the X-Pro 2 and original X-T1 have the best Graphite colorization, love them both.  Would love to have an  X-T3 in that Graphite color.


(5)  Good loaners.  I teach workshops and sometimes someone has a body go down or needs to borrow a camaera, so this way,  I have some bodiesthat I can loan in emergencies.


(6)  I just like camera bodies!  Go figure!


(7)  Date night camera!  When Sherelene and I are traveling and we go out for the evening heaven forbid that I had a chance ot make an image, but had no camera.  The little Fujifilm X-30 is a pocket size (big pocket) camera that still makes great images when you don’t want to be burdened with a  bigger camera and bag.


I would love to know why you keep older models, shoot us all a note below!!!




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Right after the new year I went into my Photoshop CS-6 app in the dock and double clicked it (Mac guy).  It times past the application simply opened and then I  went to work.  Now it takes me to the Creative Cloud Renewal sight.  I let my CC account lapse late last year.  I did not use CC and got tired of paying for the priviledge.  I bought CS-6 out right and own it, or at least I thought I did. Has anyone had this expereince or does anyone have a solution.  I want to keep my CS-6 not any of the CC apllications.


Feel dfree to answer inthe comments or email me at:



Thanks in advance!!!






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I would like to share an interesting story with you and it has some twists and turns. A couple of years ago I bought a watch, the watch above, the Luminox ANU 4200.  ANU stands for Approved for Navy Use.  This is the watch that is given to BUDS graduates (Navy Seals)!  I found it on sale for a little under $400. and finally broke down and bought it.  I really like Luminox watches and have several.  I hate to admit I have several dozen watches, I just like them.  So I wore it for a few weeks and one morning in church a older member of our congregatio,  let’s call him Bob, was sitting one pew in front of me. I love Bob he is an ex-Marine, though he would say there is no such thing, “Once a Marine, always a Marine!”  Bob is in his late 80’s and wears a hat to church every Sunday covered with pins related to his Marine service.


So I’m sitting behind Bob staring at his Marine pins and the Lord spoke to me in my spirit, “You know you’re not a Marine, you never have been, but yet you’re wearing a fine watch made for a Marine, don’t you think Bob would like to have that watch?!”  For the rest of the service the Lord and I had little wrestling match which I was slowly loosing!  By the end of the service I knew what I  had to do and what I should do, and in fact what I wanted to do!  I approached Bob and asked him if he had a watch.  He said yes, and showed me an old square faced watch on his wrist.  I took the luminox off my wrist and handed it to him and said, I think God wants you to have this!   I told him the Marine signifcance of the watch and he teared up and thanked me very humbly.  I said Bob,  “you served your country with great honor and distinction, you’re the kind of guy that should own this watch, not me!”


A couple of weeks ago Bob went home to the Lord and a bunch of Marine buddies that proceeded him in death.  It was a great loss for our church, community and for me personally.  I looked forward every Sunday to visitng with Bob, who was a character and always had a funny things to say!  After his death I called my Pastor and shared this story with him and aksed him if it would be inappropriate if I asked his wife if she would allow me to wear the watch in Bob’s memory.  He said he thought that was completley appropriate.  I called her explained that it was a gift and she was free to do anything she wished with the watch, but if she had no use for it, I would like to wear it and remember Bob that way.  She said she would like that, so this morning she brought it to church and told me that Bob showed it to everyone and told them the Marine significance of the time piece.  It is once again on my wrist and though I don’t deserve the honor that goes with it, I will wear it proudly knowing Bob, a real American hero once wore it, and earned that honor with his sacrifice and service.


On more than one occasion I wished I had it, but I knew it was where it should be!   So it came full circle and I’m so glad I listened to my spirit when the Lord urged me to do what He urged me to do!  A part of me really did not want to part with it, but I felt the tug on my heart strings so strong that morning, I knew it was the right thing to do.  The look in his eyes confirmed it and his wife’s words when she handed it back to me this morning was further confirmation!  We don’t really own anything here, it all belongs to Him, and we need to share and distribute according to His instructions!  I’m so glad I did!


Obedience is better than sacrifice!




the pilgrim

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Chester in a state of bliss, puppies sleep a lot!


I stopped making resolutions years ago, but I do try to establish some goals of things I really want to to each year, this is my 2019 list!


(1) I want to learn to think more like Jesus.  To genuinely love others, never judge, but share his love and compassion.


(2) I want to be a better husband and seek to tuly help Sherelene, day to day.  This is a tough one as she works very hard and we don’t have as much time together as I would like, but she needs someone to take up the slack, and I am volunteering!


(3)  I want to learn to be a more effective servant.  The world needs more people to do the work and less watching and managing, I need to put in more time as a worker.


(4)  I hope to be a better friend to those who have honored me by being a friend to me!    In life we have lots of acquaintances but few real friends, I’m honored to have the few I do, and I hope in this year I will give back far more than I have to them!


(5)  I hope to work hard at becoming a better teacher.  I love to share and I want to do it as effectively as I can. Running workshops with Jack has been a joy and I want to add to the value of what we offer in every way!!!


(6)  I truly intend to enjoy my own photography more this year, the gear is so much better and I am going to dive deep again into the joy of just shooting and being out there!!!


(7)  My goal is to learn Luminar 2018 well enough to make it my most often used post processing program!


(8)  I hope to “once again” get committed to traveling lighter, especially with my photo gear!!!!   I’ll keep you posted on that!


(9)  I’m truly committed to continue to ignore the media and whatever those idiots are doing in Washington, and thus be a happier guy!!!


(10)  Lastly, I got Chester in early December bcause I wanted to have the whole winter to enjoy time with him, watch him grow and train him to be the good dog I know he will be!  Speaking of growth, on December 7th when we brought him home he weighed 12 pounds, three weeks later at his next Vet appointment he wighed 22 pounds, the Vet said, “Bill, Chester is going to be a big ole boy!”  Can’t wait, enjoying “almost” every minute of it!  (If you have a puppy you know it’s not all joy, but it is part of the process!!!




the pilgrim