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Jack and I did some last day scouting this morning and found a great working commercial dock with tons of lobster floats and multicolored ropes!  This is the kind of fantastic color you can catch on the Maine coast.  It was very overcast with an occasional shower so the light was perfect!  I can’t wait to take our students to this location, it will be a great training ground for how to see and compose!!!!


See for yourself!








……and, as luck would have it, we found some more great fall foliage!






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First day out in  the park at Acadia today, scouting and there is still some nice color.  With rain and wind predicted, we are praying some hold on for after this weather has passed!  The scene is some nice hillside color just above a small lake along the loop road.  I stood at this same lake with the late, great, John Netherton with students many years ago with just this kind of color!  It brought back some great memories!!


One thing is for sure, Jack and I will give this group everything we can so they can leave knowing they know more, had a great time and are glad they came!



More to come through the week!




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Jim and I sweated out the color for weeks!  We should have trusted!  It was a spectacular fall, even locals said it was a banner year!  We had a fantastic group and not only shot a lot of fall color scenes but lots of other interesting subjects too!  I’m in Portland, Maine getting ready to join up with Jack Graham and do our Acadia Workshop that starts Wednesday evening. For today I thought I would share some of my personal favorites from Brown County!  Before I start, I have to say thank you again to Jim and Sue Haverstock who did an incredible ob getting things ready for us!


Here you go!



Then we had the chance to shoot a lot of great antique Americana subjects!



Lastly we went into town one evening at Frd Sisson’s suggestion and light painted the beautiful 30 foot tall fall leaf statue!



Needless to say I had a blast!  Now I can’t wait to get Acadia Started!!!




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A few days out in the field with the attendees of the Brown County Fall Leaf Event has really helped me knock the rust off.  It had been several weeks since I had been in the field shooting and teaching and I was a little surprised how it took a little time for the “zone” to come back!  I want to do an eBook on “The Zone”!  For those of you that have experienced it, it is a rush like what a runner gets when the endorphins kick in and they get a burst of energy!  Its a mental kick in the pants!  I think running into Fred Sisson and talking with him re-energized me!  It is one of the greatest highs a visual artist can feel, when shots start to appear everywhere you look!


We all have mentors, people that helped spark the desire to do something and if we were fortunate they also helped us find our way through the woods of a new endeavor!  Fred was that person in my life that made me see just how great a life of photography could be, and how to tart down that path.  Sitting at the Bean Blossom Antique shop chewing the fat was like going back to the early days of my walk.  Thanks Fred, for yesterday, and 44 years of yesterdays!




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P.S.  Fred Sisson and I will team up in 2014 (date coming), for a great Americana Workshop in Roanoke Virginia.  the theme will be Trains, Machines, and Americana!  Part of the workshop will involve a visit to the wonderful Winston O’ Link Museum and Gallery and a night time live, flash shoot of a moving train!!!!  Just like (well sorta like) Winston did it!