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I just got back home from Dave Ziser’s great Photo Pro Expo!  What a great event, with a really wonderful team of wedding and portrait shooters and software gurus.  I had a great time hanging out with Jim Haverstock, Nick Coury and my dear Fuji friends, Jackie and John!  I did a dealer visit with them to Dodd Camera in Cincinnati, another group of great folks!  I was the only nature/outdoor/travel speaker and it was fun to present to photographers that usually don’t do my kind of work, or at least not professionally!  I get energized visiting with these people, in fact riding up the escalator one morning, I looked up and saw the image below, luckily I had my Fuji X100T with me.



I would love to have been able to shoot that image with the new Acros film simulation in the new Fuji X-PRO 2!  If all goes according to plan I will have a X-PRO 2 in my hands Tuesday!  Expect a full review within a few days!  So watch the blog this week for a full review!!!



Back to the Photo Pro Expo.  They have great speakers and a wonderful print competition, and lots of networking among the attnedees.




Have a great Suyper Bowl Weekend and stay tuned!




the pilgrim

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Tour the Historic Route 66 through Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.  We will end our journey in Nelson Ghost Town and a visit to the Neon Museum in Las Vegas.  If you are into Americana this is a must trip.  Relive the glories of The Mother road!



One of America’s most unique and spectacular parks Arches and Canyonlands.  Hit the most incredible locations for early and late light each day and full classrooms sessions each day.  If that were not enough you will get to join Bill for a burger at one of the top rated cheeseburger locations in America, Milt’s Stop and Eat!!!!



Spring in the Smokies is one of the most pleasant n natural history sites in america.  We will shoot spring flowers. beautiful streams and that perfect spring green array of color.  This is my home park and I’ve run over 40 worships intros park, trust me, you will hit the best locations!




One of our most popular event a week in Nashville, Music City with Ricky Skaggs Country and Bluegrass Music Legend and great shooter.  Ricky will be with us on location and in the classroom for the four of the five en a half days.  View one of the countries most valuable and largest classic car collections, shoot at Antique Archaeology, (the American Picker’s Store) and The Marathon Motorworks area.  The bonus, your registration fee includes a ticket to attend Ricky and Kentucky Thunder’s annual concert at the Historic Ryman Theatre.



One of the parks that few people get to shoot in is the wonderful Badlands, Black Hills, and the beautiful Spear Fish Canyon.   The Fall foliage is spectacular and the region is filled with interesting and exciting , wildlife, landscape and Americana subjects.


His Light Workshops Details

All Workshops limited to 8 attendees except Nashville which will have 12.

All Workshops are $995.   *excluding lodging sand meals.

To Register:  Contact Bill Fortney  @  or call

(606)-528-6119  or (606)-344-0455

EARLY REGISTRATION: Register before December 31 for a workshop in the 

Following year and receive an additional 10% off .


All of His Light Workshops will deal with Learning to See Photographically, Advanced Composition and the Art of Extraction.




I will also be doing workshops with Jack Graham and Jack Graham Workshops including our New Fuji X-System Workshops!





To join Jack and I for His workshops contact Jack at: 





Please note that these discounts are for FUJI “X”PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSOPS ONLY and are different and do not apply to workshops run individually by Jack Graham or Bill Fortney as well as workshops found under, Ultimate Photo Workshops and His Light Photography Workshops 


1. RETURNING ATTENDEES: 10% discount 


2. EARLY REGISTRATION: Register before December 31 for a workshop in the 

Following year and receive an additional 10% off (domestic workshops only)