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I announced the new eBook Store opening yesterday afternoon and the response had been overwhelming!  In just 18 hours I’ve had over 200 books downloaded!  While the free book is flying off the shelf, I’ve also sold a lot of the other books including a number of the compete sets of the Foundation Series!  When you set out to sell something, sales certainly make you happy, but I’m even more thrilled with the response I’ve gotten in emails from people that bought the books yesterday!  here are just a few comments I’ve received;



I just felt compelled to write you and thank you for publishing your eBooks. I just ordered the set of 6, and wanted to thank you for the free eBook. Although we have never met, I read your blog each night, usually one of the last things I do before going to bed. As a fellow Christian, I appreciate your testimony and willingness to publish your blog and state your stance. Regarding photography, my daughters (ages 16 and 18, teens you know) have been telling me I need a hobby. So, in 2010 I ‘bought’ a D90 with my American Express points and started my new hobby – photography! Since then, I have accumulated several thousand pictures, and although I have no formal training, I’m really trying! Earlier this year I started a new job that is giving me the opportunity to do quiet a bit of international travel, and I carry my trusty Nikon Coolpix in my briefcase. Even though it is a simple small camera, I’m learning to ‘look’ for the shot. I downloaded your eBooks in my iPad, and will be eagerly reading them as I leave for Belgium this Saturday.

Keep up the good work Bill, and I appreciate all that you do.

In Christ,



Bill, just got my eBooks, bought them all!  While I haven’t gone through every page of each one I’ve looked at a lot of several and I have to say you kept your promise, theses books provide a great understanding of the things  as you say “a photographer must know and be able to apply!”  I know I’m going to learn a lot and be better photographer for it.  Thanks for working so hard to bring these to all of us!

My best,



Stop apologizing for how simple these books are!!   *(She bought the entire foundational set).  I’m a beginner to intermediate photographer and to be honest even after several classes I still didn’t completely understand aperture and depth of field, your simple lessons made it clear for me.  I’m thankful that someone is taking the time to write books for people like me!

Keep it up,



I hate admit that I didn’t buy any books, “until” I downloaded the free one!  That book is worth a lot more than $4.99 and I can’t believe you gave it away!!!!  So, about and hour after I downloaded the free book, I bought everything else in the store!  I can only say I’ll be checking the store frequently to buy anything else you publish.  Bill, I admire your Christian stance, and deeply appreciate your sharing your years of experience and talent in such an affordable way!  Please keep them coming!



Mr. Fortney, using your own words; Cut To The Chase Publications,   ” These are books for people that simply want to know how learn about photography and make better images!  Simple, to the point, clear and concise and minus all the mumbo jumbo! “  You delivered just what you promised, I will be a steady customer!




Wow guys I’m busting with pride, probably not a good thing, but I really did want this kind of response and you guys have certainly made my day!  Please know I’m not bragging, I’m being thankful and honor the Man that make all this happen in my life!


O.K. so several important things I need to share.


First:  Yes many more titles are in the works.  I will be teaching workshops for the next four weeks in Brown County, Indiana with Jim Haverstock, then Acadia National Park with  Jack Graham (who inspired my eBook kick, by-the-way!) then it’s on the the Great Smokies with my dear friend Jim Begley and His Light, and finally Jack and I will teach a workshop at Nelson Ghost town in Nevada with a side trip to the Neon Sign Museum and Red Rocks!  Finally I’m thrilled to be doing another KelbyOne class at Nelson on EXTRACTION, something that has been requested for a while now!  That puts me back in Kentucky for the rest of the year starting November 15th!  I plan to spend a lot of my time the rest of the year producing a number of new titles!


For now please click on MY E-BOOKS  (at the top) or to the right VISIT MY E-BOOK STORE and get your free book, The 7 Steps for taking it to the Next Level.  It’s the last book in the list and all you have to do is enter in the Coupon space in the cart FREE4ME  (All caps).


Finally, I have to share something a lot more important with you.  Yesterday’s sermon at church was one of my Pastor’s best ever, it is something each and everyone of us need to know and apply!  Please consider deeply these words of wisdom!



Don’t Worry…….


“Worry is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it doesn’t get you anywhere!”


“Every evening I give all my worries to God, He’s going to be up all night anyway….”


God has your back.  He loves you.  He gave His only Son for you.  If He would do that, is there anything He wouldn’t do for you?!  When we come to the realization that we have nothing to fear  when we are in his sheltering arms we see life so differently!


My quote:  “If I could live life over; I would worry less, take more chances, refuse to live in fear, Trust more, love more, laugh more, and eat more ice cream!  I would seek first the Kingdom of God!  I would remind myself every moment how much God loves me, and I would be thankful for His love and all the great gifts of this life!  I’m not thankful for what I have, I’m thankful for Who has me!”"


The only peace you don’t receive is in the area you haven’t surrendered to God!


Surrender that area……




the pilgrim


See yesterday’s post to learn how to navigate the eBook store!



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HIS LIGHT  Workflow & Image/Music Show Production Workshop

February 4-8, 2015  (Wednesday-Sunday)

Corbin, Kentucky  Limited to 10    $699.    Team:  Bill Fortney & Jim Begley


Learn a clear concise workflow system to post process your images quickly and effectively, HDR and One Stop HDR.  In the second half of the workshop you will learn how to produce image synch shows.  One night Bill will have the group as guests in his home for his “Famous Fortney Bar-B-Que!”



HIS LIGHT  Exotic Reptiles & Florida Birds Workshop

February 18-22, 2015  (Tuesday – Sunday)

Fort Myers, Florida   Limited to 14    $1,099.    Team: Mike Matthews,  Bill Fortney & Jim Begley


Join Mike, Jim, and I for an incredible opportunity to photograph exotic animals that would require traveling to every continent on earth and even then you might not be able to find them.  At our workshop you will shoot  them under controlled conditions on the plants where you would find  them around the world.  Mike Matthews is a expert on these animals and you will learn a great deal about them!  In the second half of the workshop we will capture Florida birds in prime season, Mike has intimate knowledge of the best bird photography spots!!




Arches & Canyonlands   A Jack Graham Workshop

March 26-29, 2015  (Wednesday – Sunday)

Moab, UT    Limited to 12    $995.    Team: Jack Graham & Bill Fortney


Explore America’s premier Red Rock country parks, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks.  From deep canyons to fantastic arches, and rock formations!  Let Jack and Bill open up a whole new world of landscape photography for you!  If this were not enough join Bill at one of very most favorite burger joints!  Milt’s Stop and Eat!




HIS LIGHT   The Old Car City Workshop

March  25-29, 2015  (Wednesday – Sunday)

Cartersville, GA    Limited to 12    $799.    Team:  Jim Begley


If you love old rusting cars and trucks and want to step up your fine art portfolio, plus learn some incredible post processing, join Jim and Bill for one of our most popular workshops, join us for all the fun!




HIS LIGHT  The Great Smoky Mountains in Spring Workshop

April  15-19, 2015  (Wednesday – Sunday)

Townsend, TN    Limited to 12    $899.    Team: Bill Fortney & Jim Begley


The Great Smoky Mountains are a sheer paradise int he spring, wildflowers, full  streams of crystal clear water, the multiple shades of spring green, yes a paradise!




 HIS LIGHT   Memory Lane Workshop  

May 6-10, 2015  (Wednesday – Sunday)

Kingsport, TN    Limited to 12    $899.    Team: Bill Fortney & Jim Begley


When I had my first opportunity to shoot at Memory Lane in Rogersville, I could not believe what an incredible Americana collection Mr Eldridge has preserved.  If you are into our past, especially the 1950′s and before, you are in for the treat of a lifetime.




The Grandfather Mountain – Blue Ridge Parkway Workshop    –    A Jack Graham Workshop

May 27-31, 2015  (Wednesday – Sunday)

Banner Elk, NC   Limited to 12    $799.    Team: Jack Graham & Bill Fortney


For the second straight year we will experience the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and the crown jewel, Grandfather!  Great Streams and waterfalls, mountain vistas, and the coolest old country store in America!




The Palouse     -    A Jack Graham Workshop

June 8-14, 2015 (Wednesday – Sunday)

Colfax, GA    Limited to 12    $799.    Team: Jack Graham & Bill Fortney


If you love old rusting cars and trucks and want to step up your fine art portfolio, plus learn some incredible post processing,  join Jim and Bill for one of our most popular workshops, join us for all the fun!




The Oregon Coast    -    A Jack Graham Workshop

June 25-29, 2015 (Wednesday – Sunday)

Colfax, GA    Limited to 12    $795.    Team: Jack Graham & Bill Fortney



Explore the beautiful coast of Oregon with one of the most knowledgeable guides, Jack Graham!





HIS LIGHT   Nova Scotia

October 6-11, 2015   (Wednesday – Sunday)

Halifax    Limited to 12    $995.    Team: Bill Fortney  & Jim Begley


Hold on for more details….




Ohio Amish Country   -    A Jack Graham Workshop

October 21-25, 2015 (Wednesday – Sunday)

Colfax, GA    Limited to 12    $795.    Team: Jack Graham & Bill Fortney


Travel through the wonderful Amish country of Northern Ohio.    Part of our workshop is a day on a real Amish farm with lots of photographic opportunities and a really wonderful Amish dinner!




The Southwest Tour   -    A Vinny Colucci Workshop

November 4-8, 2015 (Wednesday – Sunday)

Page, AZ – Bryce Canyon,UT, – Springdale, UT    Limited to 12    $899.    Team: Vinny Colucci & Bill Fortney


Join Vinny and Bill for the famous Golden Circle Tour, Lower Antelope Slot Canyon in Page,  Bryce Canyon national Park, and Zion National Park.   Add to that a trip into the Paria Wilderness area, and a fabulous Bar B- Que dinner at the Paria Outpost!




HIS LIGHT   Christmas in the Smokies

December 2-6, 2015 (Wednesday – Sunday)

Townsend, TN    Limited to 12    $799.    Team: Jim Begley & Bill Fortney


Start your Christmas season with Jim and Bill in the beautiful Cades Cove area in  the quiet season.  Deer will be in the rut, and their coats and racks beautiful, lots of fellowship around the fire place and a great way to get your Christmas celebration started!


Personal Note:  I will be doing Workshops under Three separate companies this year:

His Light

Jack Graham Workshops

Vinny Colucci Workshops

I may add more under my own name later  Bill Fortney


* This is an initial schedule, much more details will be revealed soon!!!  Please join us somewhere next year, actually pick a few!!!


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Nashville Ricky Skaggs Workshop  -    July 30th  - August 3,  2014

Limited to  15 Attendees   $799.  Workshop Fee

* Includes a ticket for the Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder concert at the Ryman Theatre

Leaders:  Bill Fortney, Jim Begley, and Country Music Legend, Ricky Skaggs, and Snake Barrett


Join Jim, Ricky, and I for a great Americana workshop in Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. Great Americana locations like Canonsburg Village, Nashville’s Broadway at night, and the city scape with river reflections.  Add to all of that we will visit the American Picker’s Antique Archeology Store in Marathon Motor Works area.  Photograph priceless guitars and portraits of Ricky in conjunction with Dury’s Camera and guest lighting instructor Nick Coury!  Fee includes a ticket to the Ryman Theatre performance of Ricky and Kentucky Thunder, this years performance was fantastic!





Brown County Indiana in Fall Workshop  -    October 15th – 19th       SOLD OUT

Limited to  8 Attendees   $899.  Workshop Fee

Leader:  Bill Fortney & James Haverstock


One of the best places to photograph fall foliage in America.  Covered bridges, forests filled with a great variety of deciduous trees, the wonderful village of Story, and Nashville, Indiana. The Indiana rolling hills and quant barns make for a wonderful place to enjoy the brisk weather!  Many great photographic surprises wait for us in Indiana!







Acadia National Park –    October 21st – 26th, 2014 

Limited to  12 Attendees   $995.  Workshop Fee 

Leaders:  Jack Graham & Bill Fortney

To Register Contact:  Jack Graham    2014 Workshop Registration Form

Or Visit 


Please note that lthough the workshop starts at sunrise on Oct. 21, we will meet at Blue Nose Hotel in Bar Harbor Maine…the evening of Oct. 20 for an hour or so to go over itineraries, travel and workshop goals
Please consider joining Bill Fortney and Jack Graham to photograph Acadia National Park and the beautiful Maine Coast in the fall. Instruction, unbelievable subject matter and great results are guaranteed!!! I have no doubt you’ll come away with lots of new information and photographic tips which will improve your photography as well as some wonderful images of this amazing location.


Great Smoky Mountains N.P.  in Fall Workshop  -    October 29th – November 2nd   SOLD OUT

Limited to 12 Attendees   $899.  Workshop Fee

Leader:  Bill Fortney & Jim Begley


There is few other places in America as spectacular as the Great Smoky Mountains in fall.  Our workshop is planned for the end of October at the back end of the peak foliage.  Why? Simple the park guests are starting to leave, and the stream beds are covered with beautiful leaves, perfect for intimate landscape shots in the brooks, rivers, and in Cades Cove.  Wild life are active, and a good number of leaves are still hanging in the trees.  This will be a workshop with an emphasis on finding the picture in the picture, extraction!  We promise you will leave a more observant and effective photographer!






Nelson Ghost Town – Las Vegas Neon Sign Museum,  Nevada –    November 9th  - 121th, 2014 

Limited to  12 Attendees   $995.  Workshop Fee 

Leaders:  Jack Graham & Bill Fortney

To Register Contact:  Jack Graham    2014 Workshop Registration Form

Or Visit 


Join Jack and I for an Americana workshop extravaganza.   Spend two days shooting the great Ghost town of Eldorado at Nelson, Nevada.  Just 20 minutes from Boulder, Nevada, our home base, only 40 minutes south of Las Vegas!  We will also photograph the fabulous Neon Sign gGraveyard, & Museum in Las Vegas, visit the famous Pawn Stars  Pawn Shop in Old Las Vegas. The Ghost town of Nelson is one of the most target rich environments I’ve ever shot, thousands of individual color and graphic opportunities and lots of real Western History!  If you love Old Car City,  this is a workshop for you!





We take reservations as people contact us, usually by email or phone calls,  that they want to be included in one of our events. However a reservation is not complete until we receive the information below and a Deposit.


DEPOSITS – The deposit amount is specified with each workshop and it is due at the time of the actual booking of a workshop.  Your space in the workshop is not reserved until your deposit is recieved.  The full balance is due 60 days before the event.  If we do not receive the balance at that time we reserve the right to give your spot to the next person on the wait list. The deposit is $300.

You can mail a check of $300. to:


Bill Fortney /His Light Workshops
160 Whirlaway Trail
Corbin, KY   40701


Or call either  (606)-528-6119 or (606)-344-0455 and we can take your credit card over the phone.


If you cancel your workshop the following applies.
If cancellation is received at least 90 days prior to the start of a workshop, you will get a full refund, when we fill your space.


For cancellations received 31-89 days prior to the start of a workshop the deposit will be forfeited, but can be applied to a future workshop.


Cancellations received 0-30 days prior to the workshop, all deposits, and workshop’s fees will be forfeited.  However, 100% of forfeited funds can be applied to a future event.


If His Light has to cancel an event, all funds are completely refunded.


** Note additional workshops may be added… Check my blog and the His Light Workshops Website for future offerings


For Space in any of these events please reach me at:

or call:  (606)-528-61  Home Office   or   (606)-344-0455  Mobile phone