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I was talking to a friend on the phone today and he mentioned how much he appreciated my post about what photography had given to me.  I shared something with him that was a little eye opening, even for me!


For the last 47 years I’ve worked very hard to try and become a very good craftsman, dare I say, a great craftsman.  What has that resulted in?  I’ve accomplished my goal and so have thousands of others with the same goal, some have gone further than I have.  So was it worth it?  It depends on how you judge success.


I’ve had a blast, I’ve enjoyed peace, I’ve been challanged and I’ve grown, I’ve enjoyed some standing ovations, and some quiet rooms too!  The work has been a means to and end, actually the end was the work.  Along the way I’ve gotten something more valuable than the images, friends, compatriots, good company, and a “means” that mattered!


Was it worth it?  You bet!




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