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Hot tub



First let me apologize to anyone that still comes here!  Everyone knows that to keep readers you must publish every day or every couple of days, well I blew that, but good, but…. with good reason!  Between Wes’  battle with Lymphoma and spending more time at home and remembering how much I love and enjoy my family, doing blog entries all of a sudden seemed less imporant!  I started a blog to witness my love for Jesus and how much he loves all of us!  That won’t end, I’ll try to do better!


The photograph above was shot by Wes of his children, my grandchildren, and I in the hot tub with them, one of my favorite places!  We were down in Lexington to support Wes as he starts his last treatment regime’ at Markey Cancer Center.  So first, an update on Wes.  Thank you for your prayers because only God could have pulled off this miracle.  Wes has been declared in full remission!!  He has one last chemo tratment and stem cell transplants and we should be home free.  He feels great, though this last treatment is a tough one he has been up to everything they have thrown at him!  We continue to pray that by early September we can start putting this in his past!


The Future of Workshops!  I have ten events planned with Jack next year, several Fuji Workshops included.  I don’t have any His Light Workshops scheduled but will think about maybe adding a couple.  I do a number of events for Fuji and hope to continue to do that.  I want to slow down some, but I have no plan to stop until the Lord takes me home or my body screams for relief!  So that’s, that!


Fujifilm X-System Updates:  I have been doing  more extensive testing of the lens line and I continue to be more and more impressed with each and every one!!  The new 50mm f 2 continues to amaze me and surprise me, I was pretty sure that it was a useless focal length, I guess I wanted a 70mm so much more, but I have to say, I love the 50mm it really grows on you!


I had a 50-140 f 2.8 but sold it when I realized when flying, which I do way too much, because I came to understand  I wouldn’t fly with both it and the 100-400 and I miss it, but still don’t think I would leave the 100-400 home and take the 50-140.  So it’s best I did what I did, but wow is that lens special!  I recently re-purchased the 55-200 and the 18-55 and I really love both of thoses lenses, they are really sharp and handy!


I’m really looking forward to the 80mm Macro f 2.8 (this fall) and wishing for the long rumored 8-16 f 2.8!!!!!  I did say rumored, I know nothing, honest, except I want one if it ever becomes a reality!!!


Getting close to God!   If you have a friend and you don’t talk to them very often, the friendship never grows much. God is our best friend and the last 6 months, He and I have talked a lot and it is amazing how much better our friendship is going!  If I could be so bold as to offer a suggestion, talk to your Heavenly Father more, that way when you really need Him you won’t be as much a stranger to Him!


Blessings and stay cool,



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