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Did you ever wonder why Jesus sent out his disciples in pairs to minister? To support and encourage each other in the trials they would definitely face. We are to encourage one another in all we do, especially serving Him. It’s 0:Dark thirty and I’m in another airport flying to yet another distant city. Not complaining, just lonely when the direction you’re traveling is “away” from home.

Friday night it will be different, “coming” home…… So what to do. Buck up and do your duty, complete the mission, be in the moment. I’m going to have the pleasure of my partners of NPS this week in Cupertino, California, (yep, Apple), and I know the meeting will be another great adventure. My job is to be that partner and bring encouragement and support to my friends.

The way to not feel alone is to not be alone. Reach out, find others that need encouragement even more than you do. Getting lost in the fulfilling of others needs makes yours seem less important.
I feel better already……

Father, keep me close this week and please instill in me an awareness of the needs of others, help me to try not to think about myself. I need to do what you’ve sent all of us out in the world to do, minister in your Holy Name. There is no reason for me to worry, I know you’ve got my back…..

the pilgrim

*Photo note: Baby Caymans, in Florida, (captive), 200mm Micro Nikkor lens.

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I never intended to use the blog for a personal plea, but I hope you will forgive me for this one instance. I have come to realize that through the blog I’ve surrounded myself with brothers, sisters and prayer warriors.

Now it’s time to call in some my chips. My brother, Homer, along with his wife Terr pictured above is my only immediate family member still living. Yesterday Homer had an appointment regarding some heart issues he has been dealing with. The results of the tests were not great. Further tests will be required, but I want to get ahead of the curve on this. I’m asking all my partners in this daily exercise to join me in praying for Homer and the successful outcome of this issue he is facing.

I have come to learn one thing in my walk with the Lord, He’s there and He listens. I also know He loves us and want what is best for us, on that we have to rely and trust. I still want to keep my brother a little longer, and I will pray that if it be His will, that my prayer will be answered.

Now, none of us know when we will be leaving here and going to be with the Lord, our lives could go on for many years or we could be standing at the gates in a few minutes. The most important thing to determine is which gates you will standing at!

I have complete confidence that God has a plan and things will work out according to that plan.
I also know that according to His word, nothing ever comes our way unless He allows it and can bring good from it for both us and the kingdom.

Thanks for letting me appeal to you to join in my prayers. I expect to be sharing the great results of our petitions in the future.

Thank you again, in advance,

the pilgrim

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I’m traveling all day Thursday so I thought I would do Tech Friday, Thursday. Did that make any sense? Probably not. I mentioned in a recent blog entry that mega pixels were not as critical as many people think and even said I had a number of shots that really raise eyebrows when people learn they are not form high resolution cameras. The shot above is one example, it was made with a D70, a 6 mega pixel camera!!!!

People often confuse resolution with sharpness. Any camera of good quality can make a sharp image, but you have to help. Here’s how:

1. Steady the camera, the best method is a tripod, if you don’t have a tripod do everything you can to get the camera steady.
2. Use really good glass. All lenses are capable of making sharp images, but to make blazingly sharp images you need blazingly sharp lenses.
3. Use a cable release to keep from introducing shake in the camera, at the very least learn how to softly squeeze the shutter release off.
4. Don’t use anymore filters than absolutely necessary. I seldom use anything more than a polarizer.
5. Keep your lenses clean. Don’t over do it, often all a lens needs is a good blast of air from a
lens cleaning bulb.
1. Remember that contrast has a lot to do with the appearance of sharpness, so side lighting is the
best light to show texture and thus sharpness.

My dear friend and great nature photographer, Rod Planck says, “Good technique beats equipment every time.” I say great technique and great equipment both are real winners.

Do you know how much God loves you? It never ceases to amaze me at His compassion and gentle nature. I would not want to spend one day on this earth without Him. If you haven’t talked to Him for a while, give Him a call, I know He will be thrilled to hear from you……..

the pilgrim

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I think I shared with you several weeks ago about an assignment I had from Nikon to shoot images for our catalogs and website with several lenses I had not used very much. One such lens was the 18-55 VR lens that comes as the kit lens with several of our less expensive DSLRs models. The image above was from that lens and I was shocked at the quality of the lens.

For some time now, when I’m fortunate enough to be home for a few days I’ve been offering digital photography classes in my community. Most of the folks that attend are aspiring amateurs with varying levels of skills, but most beginners to intermediate. There is no shame in that, we all were there in the beginning of our photographic quests. As with the kit lens I did not have any expectations that I would meet someone in those classes that I would come to look up to as a shooter. Well, my incredible ability to ability to know about such matters was shown lacking again! Early on, a very nice man came over and asked if I would look at some of his work he had printed. I sat down, which was a good thing, because if I had remained standing I might have fallen down. This work was fresh and original and really well done. The man was Jim Begley.
You’ve probably seen a lot of comments on this blog from Jim, yes, the it’s same man. Jim now is my co-teacher in the community classes.

Jim Begley has now become a really good friend and continues to inspire me photographically
and spiritually. I think so much of Jim, that I’ve invited him to be on the teaching team for the Moab event in October with Scott Kelby. Jim is not only a great photographic craftsman, he is a really great guy. My father told me, pick your friends carefully. I know he would approve whole heartedly of Jim.

Jim is also a really smart business guy when it comes to selling his work. Most photographers that reach a level of exceptional work, strike out to become the next John Shaw or Joe McNally, big mistake. There is already a John Shaw and Joe McNally. What Jim has done, which is really a smart move, is to be become the Shaw or McNally of his region. Much of Jim’s work is of local and regional material. Guess what? Shaw and McNally never shoot around here. That gives Jim a monopoly on his market. Jim sells tons of his beautiful HDR prints to the folks in the tri-state area.

“Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.”

One of God’s greatest blessings to me beyond salvation and my family are the great friends I’m honored to be associated with, Jim Begley is high on that list.

the pilgrim

*Photo note: D90 – 18-55 VR lens. By-the-way Jim took me to this great spot to shoot!

Some of Jim’s work for you to enjoy! And I know you will!!!!!

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