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This is not an apology, but a statement of fact!  It seems that in America today the only people that believe they have freedom of speech are those that stand in a polar opposite position from where I and many of my friends stand.  Since I do not want to be the person that insites riots, I never have, and I never will.  I have taken down this post and will return to doing photographic and faith related posts. For anyone who thinks this is capitulation, I do this in the same spirit that Christ did not resist when he was arrested and taken to be crucified.  I am in no way drawing a parallel between myself and Christ, I belong to Him, He bought me at a price and I’m simply performing an act as one seeking to be a peace maker. I doubt my shared political feelings make a difference anyway.


While I continue to be heart broken as I watch what is happening to my country, I will not speak publicly on such matters, but only in the close confines of friends.  I will, as I ask you to do, pray for America, and for the defeat of spiritual powers of evil exerting their force on our nation.




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