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First, thank you so much for your prayers a good wishes for Wesley and  his family.  He is doing great and his long trip to a cure starts this week.  We think his chemotherapy will start on Wednesday.  The form of T cell lymphoma that he has is aggressive and his treatment will be as well.   In the words of his doctor, “He is young and strong and ready for the fight, and we believe, and are determined to fight this enemy and win.”   Knowing that his chemo regime will be for three treatments a week for three straight weeks, and then rest for two weeks and then back to that pattern for 6 full rounds, each round being a 5 week period.


Sherelene came up with a great idea and I’m doing my part with this blog entry. We are going ot load up a backpack for him to take to the Cancer Center each day filled with things to help him pass the long days of receiving the chemo.  We will fill it with some good books, a few DVDs, to change out and we want to place a container in the bag with short wishes, prayers or even funny stories he can pull out one at a time when he needs enouragement, a boost in faith or a good laugh.


So here goes my request, if you could send me an email or two or three with words of encouragment, a favorite scripure or favorite joke, I will print them and cut them in strips to place in his “Encouragement Jar!”  Pleae sign them as I know he will want to pray for you!   Just emil them to me at:   bill@billfortney.com


For a parent there is no tougher time than when one of your children is suffering and you feel powerless to help.  But that is a lie from the enemy, I am praying constantly for him and Rhonda, Elijah and Abigail, and of course have, daily, placed him in God’s tender care.  My mantra is “God has this.”  I know in my Heavenly Father’s Hands he could not be in better care!


Wes, Rhonda, Sherelene and I and the entire Fortney family appreciate your prayers and good wishes.  Thanks for being with us!




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